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Reviews Comments: Love It Or Hate It, but if you want to try it try it soon. Rune Scape game review by Pirate Pete

This is coming from a person who has played since October 2006 and has been a member since November 2006, so there may be a bit of Nostalgia Filter.

Rune Scape is very much a melting pot of various content. There are a lot of minigames scattered throughout for when you are bored. Most of these minigames are of So Okay Its Average quality. For example, the two primary strategy minigames-Conquest (Create an army with Points, turn-based) and Mobolising Armies (RTS)-are both bare-bones compared to standalone titles in the same genre, but for a quick minigame can be amusing. However, many minigames can no longer be played casually, as they are dominated by long-term players significantly farther in each minigame's Metagame. However, many of the other minigames such as Castle Wars (Capture the Flag) and Stealing Creation (Team Battlefield where you have to make your own equipment and fight) are still popular enough that casual players can enjoy them, even with low stats. The quests provide several interesting (for an MMORPG) plot lines for you to pick up on, but without fansites (which often spoil) knowing what quests are next in the story you are trying to follow can be hard to find out. So, there's a lot of stuff for you to try, but most of the content couldn't stand alone.

Much of the training of skills is doing the same things for hours upon hours, but some new features, particularly weekly and daily activities and giveaways, are helping to avert this problem. Rune Scape has no class or race system-The only thing you can ever lock yourself out of on one character is min-maxed skills for your level area, which only really affects Player Versus Player. However, getting to high skills will take a LOT of time, and more content is becoming geared to high-level players. It is probably a good idea to try this game out now, see if you like it, and if you do continue playing. Otherwise, you may be unable to catch up effectively.

The community...varies in quality. It is probably a good idea to find some friends who play this game to help you on rather than asking random people in Lumbridge.

The new tutorials are getting a bit complex and confusing for newers players, as opposed to no tutorials at all or a easy-but-general tutorial. If you pay attention to everything, however, and maybe ask a few friends, you can get through.


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