Reviews Comments: The Code Geass of Gundam (and that's not a good thing...)

The Code Geass of Gundam (and that's not a good thing...)
Much like Code Geass, the first season of Gundam 00 was amazing. With interesting characters (I loved Sergei Smirnov and Graham Aker), awesome battle scenes, and some of the best mobile suit designs I've ever seen, I looked forward to every episode with much anticipation. After seeing the near-destruction of Celestial Being, I waited impatiently to find out what will happen to the characters next, thanks to a wonderful cliffhanger at the end of episode 25.

Unfortunately, also like Code Geass, Sunrise didn't like the first season's ratings and made loads of drastic changes as a result to bring more viewers in. As a result, the show completely lost its touch. Gone was the Grey And Grey Morality; instead of having morally ambiguous terrorists fighting against the world, we have heroes who are always right fighting against a Complete Monster and his army of superhumans who want to take over the world. Gone was the heartwarming relationship development of Saji and Louise; instead of observing an ordinary couple trying to survive the pandemonium, we see Louise turned into a psycho, while Lockon and Anew Returner get Strangled By The Red String. Worst of all, gone was the realistic premise itself; instead of watching a government struggling to collaborate to take down Celestial Being, we see Setsuna and his Gundam become the biggest God Mode Sues this side of Tendou Souji. Add the sheer amount of Narm and you got a series that wasted so much potential. And whatever you do, don't get me started on the Anvilicious movie that featured aliens.

As a fan of The08th MS Team, I was really excited to see another realistic take on Gundam. Alas, the creators got greedy with merchandise sales, and 00 ultimately suffered as a result. If you're really interested, just watch the first season and pretend that the second season and the movie never existed. Otherwise, skip this altogether and watch Gundam X, Turn A Gundam, or any UC series or OVA instead.


Even though I never cared much for the series and it's protagonists to begin with, I'm still inclined to agree with this. I personally think Ali killing Johann and Michael Trinity was this show's Euphinator equivelent: characters with potential get wasted in a horrid way sometime before the exciting season finale. And then the second season comes along and sucks.

And while Setsuna may sound like one Kira, he's actually the successor to another Kira.
comment #12631 ManwiththePlan 2nd Feb 12 (edited by: ManwiththePlan)
Agree with this almost completely. It was amazing watching this and Code Geass and seeing all of the similarities. Didn't care for the Trinity siblings (outside of Nena), so didn't care about them getting killed by Ali (who was amazing), but Season 2 definitely undid a lot of the greatness of Season 1.
comment #14972 UchihaHunter 20th Jun 12
what really was wrong with the second series? it took a different approach to the realistic first series to a more fantastical approach was that so bad? and it was interesting to see the designs of the second season mobile suits and how they changed from the first seasons.
comment #20242 kidousenshigundam 18th Jul 13

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