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Reviews Comments: Enjoyable, but flawed Juno whole series review by Phrederic

Juno is a funny film. There, I said it, the academy actually rewarded a clever script, and good acting. The film, however funny, sad and rewarding has a couple problems that severely detracted from my enjoyment of the flick.

First of all, if you're an actual high school student or someone that doesn't think a computer is a mathematician, the dialogue should be embarrassingly terrible, but like in its own way.

Secondly, Marc, I'm not going to talk about the whole leaving his wife thing, I'm talking about hitting on a 16 year old girl who really looks up to you, I believe it was intentional, but that's even more fucked up. Don't forget the humor of Marc targeting Ellen Page.

Third, the film is very sappy and emotional rather then tight and character driven. The 'plot' consists of Juno walking around mocking things and acting offbeat. This isn't bad, but it's more about the spectacle then the destination.

All in all an excellent film that will make you smile, but the lack of plot and conflict may leave you unsatisfied. When you do see the film, (Which I'm telling you to do) be prepared to laugh and "Aw", not gasp in shock at incredible twists or clap for awesome action.

P.S. Micheal Cera's Paulie Bleeker is underused in the story, and I wanted some confrontation between Juno and the rest of her High School.


  • 0dd1
  • 5th Apr 11
I did feel like something was missing when I saw this…you pretty much materialized the emptiness I felt with it. See, I liked it, but I felt it was missing "heart", as odd as it may sound. Sure, there were emotional moments, but they just seemed so "by-the-numbers" to me. And the dialogue seemed like it could've been written by an xkcd character, like it was quirky for quirk's sake.

And while I agree with Mark's creepiness, I get the feeling that was 100% intentional. That was actually one of the emotional scene where I truly did feel something in the scene (granted, it was revulsion). Although I totally saw it coming a mile away, jus' sayin'.

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