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Critic vs. The Chick?
I think Channel Awesome's appeal, as well as strong and fervent fan base, comes from the fact that these guys speak, act, and look like, not to be presumptuous in anyway, ourselves and our friends. In many ways, they are mediators of culture that are of the same perspective as ourselves. This can either be a good or bad thing. Though I enjoy Doug's, Lindsay's, Linkara's, Brad's, and Spoony's videos, there is an existing Fandumb- an annoying one. In other words, though the community may be close-knit, it does tend to veer on the creepy side once in a while.

But that's not really my point. I want to focus on a rift, evident between the Nostalgia Chick and Nostalgia Critic, that I think will dictate the future of the site. To begin, I will say that I enjoy the videos of both. However, Lindsay manages to go one step further than Doug, in which the issues presented by the film are given a feminist/sociological context. Not to insult Doug, but her reviews go beyond pointing out the implausibilities of the film's plot. In emphasizing the implications of the film's messages, her reviews aim for something along the same lines of what the AV Club does. The Critic, however, goes in the other direction, focusing on slapstick humor, mocking the narratives (see also Film Brain and The Cinema Snob), acting choices, etc.

Not that this type of style of critique is invalid. Going by the stars alone, the Critic's videos always receive higher ratings than the Chick. But I think the discrepancy in ratings has everything to do with how people visiting the site want to assess past popular media: mockery or discourse? (Not that one is better than the other.)

In this way I wonder how the site will continue to function. Though Lindsay and Team N Chick are popular figures, I don't see her discourse-y type of reviews spreading throughout the site. Though she is a well-known fixture of the site, in many ways she's a black sheep. With that in mind, I could easily end on a punny, sheep-related point, but instead I'll spare you and say that this rift is interesting because besides its increasing obviousness, it opens the possibility that the other reviewers can choose to expand their scope, or Lindsay can choose to leave or follow the flock. Damn.


Wat? Lindsay loves Doug like a brother and vice versa, there's no rift at all, and I do dislike it when people act like Critic is just herp derp bitching. The character is a ditz but I love his insights.
comment #11528 emeriin 26th Nov 11
It might just be me, but I actually get quite annoyed when people insist the Chick is some kind of feminist role model. Of course Lindsay is, they're all quite awesome in that respect, but a hypocritical misandrist who directs her anger at the guy she's stalking because he doesn't want her love is not feminist. (In a meta way, yes, because cool female characters are ridiculously hard to come by, but that's beside the point.)

And like emeriin said, I really doubt that Lindsay and Doug's constant giggling together and teasey flirting is really just a mask for a giant riff.
comment #11529 magicalthinking 26th Nov 11
Guys, I don't think he's talking about a rift between the two people, but rather the two shows, which have become quite different beasts over the years.

However, this doesn't hold up, because you say that you can't see Lindsay's style spreading throughout the site—in which case, we have not a rift, but merely somebody doing something different. So I don't really see your point. If you were arguing that if more people take up Lindsay's style then the site would start to look like two very different places (one-half mockery, one-half discorse), that might be a point, but it's clearly not what you're going for. are you going for?
comment #11532 Wackd 26th Nov 11
Okay, proper now. Chick is still very Accentuate The Negative, hell it's part of her character that she can't say nice things whereas Critic is emotional over everything happy or anger-making. The difference is that she does more sketches with her friends to tear down the movie rather than picking it apart with mostly just words. That's why I don't really get this review that seems to be saying "ohh she's much too intelligent for this site!".

And I could go on for ages about how the characters are getting more and more Not So Different (low self-esteem, abuse people to make themselves feel better, desperate for power etc.), but that's for a meta-essay.
comment #11534 emeriin 26th Nov 11 (edited by: bienne)
And the Chick is meant to be a Know Nothing Know It All. Like take the X Men review. Chick as normal says she knows everything, Chick on Truth Serum confesses to having a stupid kid mind.
comment #11535 bienne 26th Nov 11
I think I used the wrong word when I said "rift." I didn't use it to describe a personal conflict between the two characters, but rather with the two styles of reviewing. The brunt of the review is that from the videos that I have seen there is an obvious discrepancy between the concerns that the two critics have when assessing a film. Though this discrepancy isn't just between the Critic and Chick, as often I've seen the Critic's style shared with other reviewers.

I think Lindsay is an integral part of the site, though my own personal opinion is that her style of reviewing stands out among others because she attempts to accomplish more, and that I wish more reviewers would try to integrate that into their reviews as well- to find a happy medium. But that may not be what others look for on the site- which is not a bad thing. There's just the threat of reviewers being too similar. (One note- if there are any instances that I missed where a reviewer-including the Nostalgia Critic- tries to accomplish what I have described, please let me know. My general sense may not be entirely correct.)
comment #11537 holydoubleidentity 26th Nov 11 (edited by: holydoubleidentity)
To me it just seems like you're saying Lindsay is far better than the rest of the site, which is kinda needless as these people are a family and tearing down friends to boost up others isn't really the way to pay compliments.

And really, "accomplishing more" is a Your Mileage May Vary case. In terms of Critic for example, I loved his review of The Cell because of how he slammed the Freudian Excuse of child abuse makes you a killer but others hated it "because it wasn't nostalgic". People here really enjoy the first special on commercials 'cos it was a Tear Jerker to them but the forum apparently would rather not have a storyline. See what I mean?
comment #11538 clower 26th Nov 11 (edited by: clower)
Um, isn't it the whole point that they have different viewpoints or different styles of reviewing? I enjoy most of them because of the different styles; NC's got that over-the-top overly emotional self, what with his girly screams and howls of rage. Spoony's got his snarky mean, almost comic book guy like attitude with a number of face palms thrown in for good measure. Linkara often feels like the middle man as he never sways too far to either end of the spectrum but he does bring up "feminist" issues like a female character who's only purpose is to be stereotype female. Then there's N. Chick, she started out as an NC who reviewed girly movies but then she fell into her own and started reviewing with a much wider scope, focusing not only on stupid lines like "Everybody got AIDS and shit!" to actual concepts like the Dualing one between the raised eyebrow of Dreamworks many characters and Disney's Tangled.

It's not really a void between them, they are just different people with their own styles. I'm sorry, but I have to agree with Clower, it just seems like you're complaining about Doug to build up Lindsey, when they are all really enjoyable and entertaining in their own ways.

And, what is with the Fan Dumb claim? Or the referring to them as creepy? Is it because some (a seriously small group) of the people on the site would like to stick to the original reviewers like Doug, Linkara and Spoony? And is the creepy claim merely due to some of the fans professing their "love" of Lindsey and Allison? I think that's kind of unfair, they've become celebrities and they're nerd girls, so of course you're going to have a few dudes profess their "love" for the girls. Honestly, I don't really see the point to this "review", it's not what you think of Thatguywiththeglasses, it's what you think of the differences between Lindsey and Doug, which is more of a debate topic than it is a review.
comment #11544 Blackheart91 26th Nov 11
@Blackheart91 Not that I agree with the review, but there are quite a few creeps in this fandom. But it's not gender-specific, you get guys thinking the ladies should be the love of their lives and you get women being cruel about Robin (Doug's fiancee), Scarlett when she was around and Liz because they find them competition. But that's the Vocal Minority for you. -shrug-
comment #11545 emeriin 26th Nov 11
Oh, no, I understand that, my point is bringing it up in the review is kind of pointless. The ones that have the jealousy or believe that the girls should be the loves of their lives are mentally unstable. Whining about them here is like whining about the many people who believe that the celebrities like Kim Kardashian are in love with them. I know there are creeps, I'm a facebook fan of Lindsey and Doug, I've seen some of the posts, I just don't like a review bringing up crazy fans.
comment #11549 Blackheart91 26th Nov 11
Er, she's not the only one who reviews like that. Linkara's reviews tend to be more about why the the subject is bad rather than pointing out the problems or mocking them. However, while you say it 'provides more', a lot of others consider it preachy and annoying. I'm neutral to it all, but sometimes it just comes off as too opinionated.
comment #13276 ablackraptor 15th Mar 12
Linkara is still very much in the review section rather than talking about wider themes.

I agree with the poster that there is a marked difference in style between Lindsay's videos and the rest of the sites. They're all different from the other but you could draw a sensible line that would have them on one side and Lindsay on the other (the side containing people like SF Debris)

And I don't think the OP is suggesting that it's wrong to have different styles or that the site is anything but benefited for it or even that one is better than the other (both just have different purposes), just that it's unlikely to see an expansion of Lindsay style reviews on the site.

I don't think though that this will lead to Lindsay separating or changing her style. It would be nice to have a few other Nostaliga Chicks but she brings a strong contribution to the site just by being different and I don't think anyone will do anything consciously or unconsciously to change that.

I guess you could ask about legacy but the internet is too young to tell whether sites are going to have weblegacies yet
comment #13292 Tomwithnonumbers 16th Mar 12
I think this review ers on the side of caution too much, but it generally gets the difference between the two. Doug likes to simply joke about a single, silly show, whilst Linsey looks for themes on a more broader level. After watching the two for some time, I'm prepared to say that Lindsey's show is of the higher quality, it requiring far more detailed analysis of the entire sub-genre, whilst Doug's is a more simplistic parody of a single work. Lindsey makes commentary, whilst Doug laughs at how stupid a show is. They both have their place, but one requires more effort to make than the other.
comment #13297 maninahat 16th Mar 12
but one requires more effort to make than the other.

Now I think that's unfair. Look at his review of The Grinch for example, he put loads of effort into that. Moulin Rouge, Star Trek month, Ponyo and the fuck-up lists to name but a few more too. (And as much as I love Lindsay, she's as silly and funny as the rest of them and that's a good thing.)
comment #13299 emeriin 16th Mar 12
You're right. Those episodes did take a lot of effort. I'm sure writing comedy is never a cake walk.
comment #13339 maninahat 19th Mar 12 (edited by: maninahat)
Nostalgia Chick actually admitted to half@$$ing a few of her videos. Sometimes shes just sitting their uninterested and giving her spiel on the subject at hand looking bored herself. She's fortunate to have Nella around because I doubt her "intellectual" reviews would get much attention otherwise. As was mentioned before, Linkara uses the same style as the Chick while actually seeming interested in the topic.
comment #13604 son 2nd Apr 12
@Son Again, the Chick's a character. I know she admitted to half-assing it because of school tiredness, but Lindsay isn't the Know Nothing Know It All snobby bitch she portrays.
comment #13606 emeriin 2nd Apr 12
People are getting way too sensitive about this. All the reviewer said was that the Critic and the Chick have different styles and everyone is reading whatever mindset they disagree with into it.

Also, try actually looking up what a "rift" is before claiming there isn't one guys... hint: it's got nothing to do with dislike.
comment #22435 ading 8th Dec 13
And Linkara falls even more into the "mockery" section than the Critic does. He may sometimes incorporate political objections into it (as does the Critic) but for the most part he's still just mocking crappy comics.
comment #22436 ading 8th Dec 13
People are getting way too sensitive about this.

They're not the ones bumping a review to say their piece, when the newest comment besides theirs is a year-and-a-half old. :V
comment #22437 MFM 8th Dec 13
While I do think that Chick's reviews are good, well-thought analyses, I still watch Critic more. It's not an anti-feminist thing, far from it, I really like the stuff JO and Obscurus Lupa put out. Really, I just watch the Critic because I find it more entertaining. If I'm seriously looking for analysis, I'll check out her videos, but if I just want to be entertained, the Critic is my go-to choice. Nothing against anyone, just personal preference. I do hope Lindsay continues her own style though, because it does add a nice variety.
comment #23292 JamesPicard 23rd Feb 14

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