Reviews Comments: "Secret Mountain Fort Awesome" is NOT awesome.

"Secret Mountain Fort Awesome" is NOT awesome.
This is bad. I mean, it's just BAD. How did anyone come up with this?! Never before in my entire life have I been so repelled by a cartoon. I love cartoons and animated movies of all kinds, but this is I liked Cartoon Network for going in a new direction with shows like Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, and most of all Regular Show, but when Problem Solverz aired, let's just say that my expectations for Cartoon Network plummeted. And now with this show, it seems that things are going from bad to worse. This show is not just hard to look at, it's GROSS. One of the characters has throbbing zits all over his body, and another character is composed entirely of butts. BUTTS. If that doesn't sound bad enough, the "pet dog" looks like he is about to die from malnutrition. Is THIS what people now classify as entertainment?!! Also, the plot for the episode I saw made no sense. The disgustoids all put on mustaches and looked like FULL REALISTIC MALE COPS?!! How does that make any sense?!! I mean, I know it's a cartoon but REALLY?!! Plus, all these characters do is act like a bunch of JERKS through the entire episode. In fact, the freaking BUTT MONSTER is the only one with common sense. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is, STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHOW!!


I'm gonna play the devil's advocate here. First of all, the monsters are called Disgustoids. They're intended to look disturbing. Secondly, the cop thing parodied paper-thin disguises. Thirdly, they're not only monsters, but they're monster bros. Bros aren't always caring towards one another.
comment #10863 Torquey 17th Oct 11
I agree. I couldn't stand five minutes before turning off my TV. Now that's a sucky accomplishment.
comment #10872 Frankiefoster 17th Oct 11
Maybe you should go back to watching your normal children's cartoon shows instead.
comment #10888 eveil 18th Oct 11
Normal? YOU CALL THIS CRAP NORMAL?! On second thought, never mind.
comment #10903 Frankiefoster 18th Oct 11
Eh ain't your cup of tea? It's pretty awesome in my opinion.
comment #10908 rastafish 18th Oct 11
I agree with rastafish. Its good enough for me. I can understand why you hate the Digustoids though.
comment #12543 TrustyGun 28th Jan 12
This show sucks.
comment #16522 Lucymae2 16th Oct 12

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