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Reviews Comments: Not terrible. Just bad. Ctrl Alt Del whole series review by Sober Irishman

I don't think the comic is awful; just bad. The alleged "TOTALLEH SERIUZ GUIZ" story arcs made me laugh quite a bit, but the normal strips are just...there. They're certainly not funny at all, but they're mostly harmless. Nothing like Moon Over June or Shredded Moose. The art style is the worst thing about it, really. This is actually a lot more prevelent since he's tried to stop using B^U. Characters often drastically change body shape and weight between panels, and every other pose is blatantly copied and pasted from an earlier comic. He's started to use more cartoony expressions, which doesn't mesh well with the attempt at being more realistic. I laugh at them, but for the wrong reasons. They just look so stupid. He also has a habit of drawing the character providing the "punchline" with an INCREDIBLY smug grin. Oh, and I almost forgot: WORDSWORDSWORDSWORDSWORDSWORDSWORDSWORDSGODDAMNWORDS. Seriously, the guy has some sort of word fetish. There are comics he's made which would almost be kinda maybe slightly funny without WORDS, but he can't seem to recognise this.

I despise Tim Buckley. He is an awful human being. But that shouldn't factor into my opinion of the work he's created. The guy's a criminal, a paedophile, a drunk and he seems to harbor some sort of strange hatred towards every other popular webcomic, but his work is just 'Meh. This isn't very good.' I like Slough Feg, even though their frontman has a bit of an ego, and I enjoyed the first season of Family Guy, despite Seth Mac Farlane being a douche. However, the stuff they make is good: B^Uckeroo doesn't get a free pass, so naturally some people are gonna have a low opinion of him for what he's done.


  • Bisected8
  • 16th Mar 11
Eh? Since when was Tim Buckley a paedo or criminal? I mean he's Small Name Big Ego personified but I've never heard of him being arrested for anything, much less child abuse....
  • 16th Mar 11
Pedophile =/= Child abuse. Learn your fucking vocab.
  • Bisected8
  • 16th Mar 11
What's a semantic quibble got to do with anything? I'm hardly writing a thesis and everyone knows what I mean.
  • 16th Mar 11
Because it's about as annoying as those morons who equate "gay" with "rapist". Shall I start doing things such as using the word "American" in place of the word "dumbass"?
  • quimby
  • 4th Jun 11
dumb troll. If you act on your pedophilia, it's child abuse. And what's with the random America-bashing? It's a bit late, but has to be said.
  • Mesarphelous
  • 7th Aug 11
Buckley supposedly emailed a picture of his dick to a 14-year-old girl on his forum and then went crazy with the bans when people found out.
  • Bisected8
  • 8th Aug 11
Eh? Didn't Brian Clevenger of Eight Bit Theatre alibi him for that?
  • TomSFox
  • 19th Sep 11
“Because it's about as annoying as those morons who equate "gay" with "rapist".”

Wait, are you saying that there is nothing wrong with being a pedophile? Then why did you use it as an insult in your review?
  • eveil
  • 19th Sep 11
^Somehow, I doubt they're the same person.
  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 28th Sep 11
In all honesty, although I don't have evidence either way, the 14-year old girl sounded like a troll and not even a 14-year-old girl troll at that. It's definitely something that in a innocent-until-proven-guilty world would have been firmly in the innocent category, but then equally it could have happened. Whatever the case, dishing out the bans with something like that seems a pretty sensible thing to do. Smallish forums can turn noxious quickly and there are plenty of webcomic artists who've ended up just deleting the forums because they can't stand the abuse a forum attracts
  • Revelo
  • 5th Mar 12
But seriously, closing the forum, deleting a very popular section of it and banning anyone involved regardless of affiliation, rather than coming out with your side of the story and denying it was you is a terrible move. It's dictator-style brushing it under the rug and there are far more mature ways to handle a serious allegation like that. The fact Buckley and the mods routinely delete any form of negative post and ban the person who did it doesn't really help either.
  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 6th Mar 12
But then back when Buckley was hands off we had corrupt mods who banned everyone on whim. A couple of the smaller webcomics I used to read had their authors just give up and stop writing because of their own forums. I don't know who said it, but someone mentioned that if you want to keep your piece of mind, never ever read your own forum.

And to be honest, it may have been dictatorial, but CAD came out so much better from the burning. It was a mess, a nasty spiteful intricate mess. Now it;s like a recoverer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Discipline has to be tight, there are areas that people just don't mention but people are able to get on with their lives and enjoy themselves. It's not a place where you can discuss CAD comics but it is a place where you can hang out with other people who read them too.

At the time I don't blame Tim for not reacting well. He's supernormally human and we're not at our most rational when being falsely accused of paedophilia.
  • Fleming
  • 30th Nov 12
Are you equating deleting a forum with PTSD? That is a very inaccurate, not to mention insulting, comparison.
  • TomWithNoNumbers
  • 30th Nov 12
I hope no-one took me as literally meaning that =D
  • vexer
  • 28th Aug 15
Tired of hearing all this "Tim is a pedophile" bullshit, there's no real proof of that.

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