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Reviews Comments: Diversity is key Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire game review by Calamity Jane

First things first: If you want to avoid meeting Tentacools on water, use repels. That solves ALL of your problems with surfing, so I see no reason to complain about that.

Second of all, I will admit this was the generation that introduced me to Pokemon, so Nostalgia Filter may be in play here, but I will say that this region is the prettiest. You get to see deserts, volcanoes, secluded basins, floating houses, rainforests, heck, you can even go underwater. I have never seen such diversity before or after this generation was introduced, and for that I will never forget Hoenn.

Continuing on, we have the actual Pokemon you see in Hoenn. The first pokemon you see in Emerald is Vigoroth, a sloth with the strength of ten men. Then you choose your starter; will you choose the Kickboxing Fire Chicken, the Ninja Sword Gecko, or the ever-so-loved Mudkip? You go through the routes and you meet Puppies that turn into Hyenas, Acorns that evolve into trees, a little girl that becomes a beautiful woman (or not), torpedo sharks...They've definitely stepped up their game from evolutionary lines that went from thing to bigger version of that thing (Grimer to Muk, Ekans to Arbok, Ponyta to Rapidash, the list goes on).

Next up, the Legendaries. This was the first generation to explode with Legendary pokemon, and I've got to say, I love each and every one of them. There's a male and female Jet. Behemoth, Leviathan, and Ziz. Poke-golems. Pokemon from outer space.

This generation seems to be going for a very diverse generation as a whole with tons of diversity, and having grown up in a place where I've been taught to celebrate diversity, this is just the perfect region for me. If you want to be introduced to an entire planet in one continental island, if you want to see just how Crazy Awesome Pokemon and their evolutions can be, and if you want to be introduced to a place so diverse that rumors where you go into Outer Space could actually be believable, then try Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald out. I can't guarantee you'll like everything, but for me, this was the perfect way to introduce me to a franchise.


  • Scardoll
  • 28th Dec 10
I like your gushing. I kinda wish that the review system allowed more than 400 words, but you managed to put a lot in it.

Annoying-nitpick: Noctowl is not just a bigger version of Hoothoot! Hoothoot is spherical!

Annoying-nitpick #2: The only Regi that probably is based off of a robot is Registeel (Just listen to its call). The others are more traditional golems.
  • CalamityJane
  • 31st Dec 10
If I could edit my review to fix that, I would! But sadly I can't...
  • whunt
  • 21st Aug 14
Gen III was my favorite too. And I started from Gen I. A combination of region, pokemon, and environment made it for me!
  • EeveeMistress
  • 25th Nov 14
Gen III is tied with VI for my favorite. ^.^ You're right, it's beautiful.

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