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Reviews Comments: Sonic Unleashed Sonic Unleashed episode review by Komodin

Sonic Unleashed, released in November 2008, is the tenth "main title" of the Sonic The Hedgehog games.

The plot of this game is basically that Sonic must find the Chaos Emeralds to restore the planet, stop Robotnik (Eggman) from taking over said planet and rid himself of his lycanthropy after an early bout with Eggman. An elaboration on how Sonic wound up in this mess can be found here. At any rate, unlike Shadow The Hedgehog and Sonic The Hedgehog 2006, the story's pretty lighthearted (akin to the classic titles) without being too campy with it.

The main gameplay is split more-or-less evenly between Sonic The Hedgehog and his new Werehog forms. The Hedgehog gameplay take place in the daytime, while at night, you control the Werehog.

The Hedgehog gameplay is akin to the Sonic gameplays of the other 3D Sonic games; simply get to the goal as fast as possible while dodging and destroying everything in your path. Unlike the other titles, the gameplay and level design are more geared towards speed, granting Sonic the ability to use the Speed Boost from the Sonic Rush games.

The Werehog gameplay, strictly speaking, is like a God Of War Lite, of sorts. It's a Beat Em Up / Platform Game hybrid where you must get to the goal while fighting your way through foes and solve puzzles. The combat system is pretty decent as far as beat-'em-ups go, with up to 40 combos at your disposal.

New to Sonic Unleashed, is the addition to Quick Time Events. In the Hedgehog levels, the button prompts are limited to special ramps and jump pads. In the early stages, they're pretty easy to solve; failure only barring you from an alternate and easier path. In the final stages (Jungle Joyride and Eggmanland), however, failure will most likely lead to your death. In the Werehog stages, the button prompts mainly serve as Critical Attack enablers, not unlike the ones from God Of War.

Overall, everything about Sonic Unleashed is a huge improvement over the recent 3D Sonic games, especially after Sonic The Hedgehog 2006. The plot generally doesn't take itself seriously, there are no game-breaking glitches and the gameplay's actually pretty solid. I recommend you at least give it a rent.


  • Geostomp
  • 19th Aug 09
'Bout time this game got a real review instead of Gamespot's crap.
  • Komodin
  • 22nd Sep 09
Meh, Gamespot was always pretty mediocre when it came to their reviews, in my opinion.
  • newtonthenewt
  • 5th Feb 10
Decent review, but it's ambiguous to whether it's a review of the PS 2/Wii or 360/PS 3 game.
  • Enlong
  • 9th Feb 10
It has to be a review of the PS 360 version. He mentions "40 combos at your disposal". You don't have quite that many special moves as the ílwolf in the Wii S 2 version.

The Wii S 2 version is stll good, though. Well, Your Mileage May Vary, but I liked it.

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