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Reviews Comments: 3,000 Characters Is Too Short For This Poorly Formed Opinion TV Tropes whole series review by Valiona

First, let me start off by saying that 3,000 characters is nowhere near enough to do any half decent review (It is, however, enough for me to complain about this limit).

It\'s quite fortunate that you\'re on TV Tropes already, and presumably know what the site is, because you won\'t hear any explanations from me. Having to tell you about this would distract from my telling you why I hate this site so much... and now that I think about it, so does this paragraph.

The fact that any user with an account in good standing can edit this site leads to all sorts of idiots making horrible edits that show off their stupidity to the internet. What? You want me to give examples? Perhaps explain what I mean and tell you why I feel this way? You imbeciles! My word count is sorely limited, and actually taking the time to back up my opinion would take away from expressing it!

Another thing I would like to point out is the horrible, horrible, choice of a lampshade for the site\'s logo. The damn thing makes so sense at all and is horribly distracting to look at. I\'m losing sleep at night thinking about it, and even more when people try to tell me I\'m overreacting to minutiae.

No, I didn\'t ask you to tell me why it\'s this way. This review is to express my opinion, not learn anything about what any of you fools think. It might be nice if anyone out there agreed with me, but actually persuading the uninformed of my opinion would, you know, require making the effort to make a coherent argument. It\'s not worth the effort, thank you very much, so I\'ll spend my remaining words however I damn well please.

The page design sucks, too, and so does the choice of font text. Do you need more explanation, nimrod? I. Don\'t. Like. It. Simple enough for you pinheads? You can make a hell of a lot more assertions about your opinions if you don\'t elaborate on them. Anyone who dismisses your opinion as poorly reasoned is just jealous of your methods\' efficiency.

I do suppose there are some cool things about this site, though. The ability to post reviews is pretty nice, since it allows me to share my opinion with all of you. So does the liveblogging feature. The YMMV page is also a good dumping ground for all the complaints I have about shows I don\'t like, even if they don\'t really fit the trope I\'m using. By including this paragraph, I avoided making this review entirely negative, and actually convinced you I made an honest effort too cover all aspects of this work, without wasting too many words. See? I\'m a genius!

Let\'s get back to the negative. I hate the 3,000 character limit on reviews because it actually forces me to trim down my reviews, leave stuff out and carefully think about how to best express my points. If I had my way, and couldn\'t get rid of the limit, I\'d at least make it 3,000 words, which would be a step in the right direction.

Oh Crap! Now I\'m almost out of characters. TL;DR? TV Tropes sucks and I don\'t care what you th


  • Valiona
  • 9th Dec 16
Just in case anyone is unsure, yes, this is a parody, as well as a commentary on the quality of most TV Tropes reviews.
  • MFM
  • 9th Dec 16
I\'m not gonna bother commenting on the quality of TV Tropes reviews, but the idea that the character limit isn\'t overly limiting and that anyone who has a problem with it is just poor at explaining themselves succinctly is a bit silly.

Plus this just isn\'t a very good parody in general, because the subject material being lampooned is inherently shallow and the parody itself is even shallower than that. Like, yes, everything being needlessly drawn out is the point, but there\'s also no real punch or gag there, making it just as tiresome as what it\'s lampooning.
  • TropesForever
  • 7th Jan 17
This is hilarious. I\'m glad I realized it was a parody in time.
  • astrokitty
  • 7th Jan 17
This brought a smile to face.
  • Valiona
  • 9th Jan 17
I\'m glad to see some people liked it.

MFM, I\'ve found that people who can\'t write a good review with 3,000 characters tend not to do much better with a more lenient limit. They tend to end up including more that they otherwise wouldn\'t be able to fit in, but it does nothing for how well they write or describe their opinions. Perhaps they might be able to elaborate on something they would only be able to mention in passing, or provide examples that they otherwise could not, but if they can\'t do so well (or, alternatively, if they can do so well and concisely), it doesn\'t make much of a difference.

As for the lack of a \"punchline,\" you could say that this haphazardness is the reflection of the poor organization of some reviews, with several ideas crammed into one paragraph (which is longer than it has any right to be), and a lack of anything resembling a flow.
  • LentilSandEater
  • 14th Jan 17
Best review on the site 10/10.
  • AbsoulHero
  • 18th May 17
This review was humorous, it speaks a lot for how a good chunk of reviews on here are just filled with snarkiness and unlikability.

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