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Reviews Comments: Season 10 premiere review. (Spoilers inbound) The Fairly Odd Parents episode/issue review by Phantom Heartless 5

Okay, we all know this show has undergone a massive decline in quality since it first aired. Like many, I was quite skeptical when Season 10 was announced, especially with the news that yet another new character would be joining the main cast (because adding new characters worked so well before, right?). After watching the episode, I can say that while the idea is interesting, the execution was poorly handled.

Plot: Once again, the idea is interesting: Due to a shortage of Fairy Godparents, Timmy must share his fairies with new girl Chloe Carmichael. But that therein lies the problem: Why share his fairies with another new character when he could share his fairies with Chester and A.J.? You know, Timmy's best friends?! Characters who have been around since the show started? Remember those guys? The writers apparently don't. There are so many interesting plots that could've been done with those three. It would've been a great throwback to the show's golden years. Or better yet, why not share them with Tootie, Vicky's sister? There could've been some great character interaction between her and Timmy.

Also, the episode came off as a Timmy Turner Torture Porn. As Timmy himself lampshades, he is essentially forced to share his fairies with a girl who is seemingly perfect in every way. I thought fairies only grant wishes to kids with miserable lives. When a character points out the flaw in a plot, something is seriously wrong.

Chloe: Of course, this review wouldn't be complete without mentioning the newcomer herself. I don't like the trope, Mary Sue, because I think its an overused trope that gets thrown around a tad too liberally. But in this case, it's appropriate. Timmy said it best: She's Little Miss Perfect, a girl designed to be an obvious Foil to him. And half of the episode is spent hammering it home on how perfect she is. After her wish to make everyone share things goes horribly wrong, the episode tries to show us that she's not as perfect as she seems, but it kinda falls flat.

Overall, the episode didn't make very good first impressions on me and doesn't give me much hope for the season, but who knows? Things might improve.


  • Cailleach
  • 7th Jun 16
Something that struck me as a complete disregard for continuity was that, in a previous episode, Chester was clearly stated to be the next in line for fairy godparents. Why not share his fairies with Chester? The season premiere also left gaping holes in regards to having a fairy godparent shortage but never lifting the baby ban, and treating the center of the Earth as the furthest possible distance from Chloe when they had been to other planets in the past. How badly could they disregard their own continuity?

And the writing certainly was poor. The first wish Chloe ever saw granted, a seemingly innocent one, nearly destroyed the world. Yet she\'s so excited to make a wish of her own. Really?

It\'s like they\'re done trying.
  • YasminPerry
  • 12th May 17
I hope they cancel this show soon; since Poof\'s birth it\'s been going way downhill

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