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Reviews Comments: Let's see how it goes Superior Spider Man whole series review by MH Mhasf 1998

I will admit,I was angry and heartbroken by the loss of Peter Parker. It felt as though I had lost one of my closest friends, and, in essence, I had. Spider-Man has been a huge influence on my life, every since I was a baby. One of the first shows I ever watched was Spider-Man The Animated Series. One of the first American movies I ever watched was the Sam Raimi Spidey film. The first comic books I ever got(and have gotten the most)are ol'Webhead's. He taught me about responsibility, how to deal with what you have, being a good samaritan, and even how to embrace my inner nerd.

But,after I had calmed down, I saw the sense in it.

Ock was, in many ways, an Evil Counterpart to Pete.Radiation incident,"8 limbed animal" theme,social outcast;Ock is what Peter would have been without the loving care of parent figures like Pete's, and if he hadn't learn the Comes Great Responsibility lesson, so I find it an interesting take.

I DO believe that it was an undignified death for Spidey(and on his 50th anniversary, too), but I am willing to look past it and give Ock a chance, Ghost-Peter being the crutches I needed to get used to it, before he was killed off too. I like Ock's changes to the suit, they are very practical and give him an edge in analysing his opponent and planning counter-attacks. I do not like his huge ego, but I am sure that Marvel's gonna give him a lesson in humility very soon. I don't like his treatment of the people around him, but that will get better eventually. I like that he is actually doing a fair amount of good in the city, but in his way. I have mixed feelings about his murder of Massacre, I didn't like it, but Ock had a point. If Massacre was left alive, he might just keep on killing. Even if he starts feeling emotions again, remember, Status Quo Is God. I also like all the comparisons made with Scarlet Spider. Both are former villains earning redemption, their new suits are palette swaps of each other, and they have an equal amount of powers and tech to be evenly matched. This will come to a head in "Sibling Rivalry".

I think that Ock IS capable of being good. His anger/disgust at the mistreatment of kids by Vulture, his friendship and respect with little person Anne Marconi, and him fixing the girl with brain damage, are key points that show this.

I'm willing to give this series a chance.Are you?


  • Asger
  • 12th Aug 13
Not really, no.
  • InsertAuthorHere
  • 12th Aug 13
I gave it a chance. It doesn't get another one.
  • Elmo3000
  • 13th Aug 13
I reluctantly gave the series a chance, but I wish I hadn't. It's nothing but a mediocrely-written tale of a B-List villain that's used the shock value of killing a beloved character to achieve infamy. It goes against 50 years of character development for Peter, and Otto's character is a no-win situation; either he turns good, which would be massive character derailment, or he stays the sanctimonious, hypocritical, more-superior-than-thou, borderline Mary Sue he's been for the last twentysomething issues, which has been painful to read.
  • Theokal3
  • 29th Aug 13
I am. Just hope it's a temporary situation, or at the very least that Octopus will really learn something. And I agree with most of your points.
  • MHMhasf1998
  • 20th Sep 13
Yeah, I know how people are feeling about this. But hey, this is most likely just a temporary thing, as I doubt Marvel can keep this up for long. Besides, the way things are shaping up, it seems as though the Amazing Spider-Man's gonna come back in Infinity(along with Nightcrawler) anyways, so let's just wait and watch.
  • Theokal3
  • 20th Sep 13
I think so as well. Guess we will just have to wait and see.
  • Kirbypower
  • 28th Dec 13
Wait, Nightcrawler's coming back?
  • MHMhasf1998
  • 24th Jan 14
AND PETER!!! Also, i was really losing faith in this series after the whole "Superior Venom thing", and a bit before too. I had read only the first 5 issues of this when I wrote the review.

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