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11:57:46 AM Aug 28th 2017
I really have a bone to pick with the They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character section.
  • Many fans feel this way about Zant. Most of his onscreen appearances are usually in flashbacks that only focus on Zant's cruelty and not his character, and he only interacts with Link and Midna three times in the whole game, note  thus leaving his character underdeveloped when the Villainous Breakdown payoff comes around. That being said, many fans were quite elated to see him return as a playable character in Hyrule Warriors, which in fact plays up his psychopathic traits rather than keeping them a surprise.
  • This incarnation of Princess Zelda is barely relevant in this game. She only interacts with Link three times before the final battle with Ganondorf. Of those three, two of them were in Wolf form and she spent most of them speaking with Midna.
  • Despite being the real Big Bad, Ganondorf himself falls into this. He gets even less screentime than Zantnote , and thus his character gets even less exposure than him.
  • The Resistance, despite being a cool team of rebels who actually care about Zant and Ganondorf's takeover of Hyrule, do barely anything other than show Link where dungeons are and unlock new areas. Even when Link finally storms Hyrule Castle, they only appear in a brief scene where they take out a small group of enemies Link could have easily handled.
  • Dark Link is given a new character model for his appearance in Twilight Princess, but said appearance is as a cameo in a single cutscene.

The trope applies to characters with great potential that don't get as much exposure as you think they deserve. It is often misused for complaining about poor characterizations or the way a character is handled in the story or the portrayal of a fan favorite in an adaptation.

Is the trope warranted under the circumstances?
02:02:28 PM Aug 28th 2017
The only example I see fitting is the one about the Resistance. The other examples are just poor implementation of character roles, which aren't the same thing as wasting the characters themselves.
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