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10:05:38 AM Aug 22nd 2011
All right, I guess I'll open the can of worms since I noticed the forums heated up a lot in the months since the previous relationship upgrade...

...is it game for a Strangled by the Red String entry? Even with the qualifier that it's contested? I think y'all know where I lie, but I hate kicking up shipping hornet's nests where I don't have to.
12:30:43 AM May 16th 2011
edited by Rebochan
Regarding the recent Relationship Upgrade...is that really much of a spoiler? T pretty much made it a Foregone Conclusion at the end of 20 2020 Pennies, and then spent the rest of the comic being non-subtle that they're going to end up together. But I don't want to go untagging it without a discussion.
09:14:36 AM May 20th 2011
It's a spoiler to those who've just started reading it from the beginning. Recall that no one within the strip sees any attraction between the characters in question until "The Ticket," several months into the run. Nor is there any indication of either of them themselves being attracted to the other until "Campaign Trail," well over a year into the comic. I would leave the spoiler tag in.
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