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07:31:13 PM Jan 20th 2013
edited by Scardoll
This page is a trainwreck.

To the person who made this particular edit, if you have a bone to pick, could you please cut this down so that it's not a block of text?

  • Fan Dumb: Let's stop and take a look at the way Shinji Ikari is labelled whiny. Throughout the series, Shinji first heard from his dad for the first time in SEVEN YEARS to pilot this giant robot for him. When Shinji quite rationally points out that he'd have NO feasible clue as to HOW to pilot the thing, it's treated as if he is a coward. Face, meet palm. After that, he is chewed out for NOT being a coward a few episodes later, in the fight with Shamshel. Yes, he disobeyed orders, but if Shinji had retreated, then the Angel would've been left to rampage in Tokyo 3 for however long repairs would take. That he had the sheer guts to simply charge it down and kill it is treated as a BAD thing (overall, it HAS to be labelled positive, even if only from a monetary perspective). He then, over the course of the series, has to pilot the emotionally damaging machine, all to get approval from his Dad, desperate for affection - both "Well Done, Son!" Guy, AND Freudian Excuse because of how little Gendo has ever shown affection. He is forced to feel Eva Unit 01 tear apart and attempt to murder one of his only two friends as if he did it himself - While he is held responsible for the injuries Toji Suzahara receives in the process, despite not being in control of Unit 01 - another marvellous gift from Badass Gendo Ikari, Shinji is AGAIN chastised for choosing to leave the Nerv base and refuse to pilot the machine again. Cue more accusations of cowardice. And some of the people in Nerv actually DO count as the good guys. And this is BEFORE you get into the mini arc with Kaworu, having to see Rei blow up Tokyo 3 and Unit 00 to save him, cause he couldn't do anything about it, and End of Evangelion itself. Of course, internet being internet, Gendo Ikari is awesome while Shinji is a wangst machine.
    • Much more meta. Some fans sent Anno death threats (which can see in EOE) because they didn't care for how the tv show ended. Because you know, Eva is about the fans wants.
12:31:55 PM Mar 4th 2017
I agree.
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