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09:04:07 AM Jan 19th 2012
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  • Mary Sue: Arguably, Clary, who seems to develop powers she simply shouldn't have (suddenly being wonderful at rune magic despite having never done it before, etc.) and because everything is about her. In all fairness, she is the main protagonist, so that second is pretty justified.
    • Actually there is a reason she's so good with runes...
      • She is completely forgiven nearly instantly for anything wrong she says or does like turning her Jewish best friend into a vampire, despite it condemning his soul under his beliefs, or throwing Alec's long time love of Jace into his face. Characters are either jealous of her, or love her. She's Suetiful All Along in a big way. Despite being a "mundie" for most of her life, it doesn't take her very long to acquire the Fantastic Racism the books are very unaware they're full of. She doesn't need to work for her God-Mode Sue powers, never suffers or learns or trains. Of course, it's impossible to ignore her name is Clary, and the author's pen name is Cassandra Clare. They live in the same city, too.
        • I think that Luke calls her out on being totally selfish about Jace in City of Glass. She's explicitly told by Jace NOT to go to Alicante. Instead of finding some other safe way to get there she creates a Portal using a Rune that she made up. And a Shadowhunter CANNOT portal into Alicante. So Luke finds her just as she's about to go into the Portal, and they end up in Lake Lyn...and the water is poison to Shadowhunters. Luke then blows up on her and says that she's acting like a selfish child that didn't get something that they wanted.
  • Squick - Lots of people keep coming onto her website to talk about how grossed out they were by the Incest and thank the author for doing The Reveal. Also, Magnus is very clearly a much older man dating an 18-year-old boy. Superficially, Magnus appears to be 19-year-old.
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