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12:46:21 PM Aug 22nd 2014
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Can Alternate Character Interpretation for Antasma be removed? There's no text or subtext in the game that hints at any deeper motivation for him or that he's meant to be a sympathetic villain. Isn't there a difference between alternate character interpretation and just making stuff up about the character?
01:22:24 PM Aug 22nd 2014
Well, it's a character interpretation. These are not necessarily readily visible to people other than the ones making them.
07:37:56 AM Aug 23rd 2014
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Then couldn't I claim that Antasma just wanted to take over the world because he wanted to create a home for his kind and put it under alternate character interpretation under the logic that said interpretation is not readily visible to anyone else but me? Or how about he just wanted to throw an elaborate surprise party for everyone and was about to spring it until Bowser betrayed him? Or how about he and his kind harbored an ancient grudge against the Pi'illos so after he obtained power he decided to launch a war of extermination against them? Wouldn't those be just as valid an alternate interpretation as claiming that his true motivation was just to travel to the real world? My problem with this is that Antasma exhibited little in the way of personality and virtually nothing in terms of motivation, so you can make up just about anything about him and claim that it's valid alternate character interpretation when it's just wild mass guessing at best. At the very least it should go under alternate character interpretation if it's an interpretation that's popular enough to be held by many people as opposed to just because one or two people see it.
02:06:32 PM Aug 23rd 2014
Well, yes. Alternative Character Interptetation is pretty much opinion, none is more valid than the other.
10:07:51 AM Aug 24th 2014
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So then would I be correct in assuming that I could post any or all of those interpretations that I just made up on the spot and they could not be removed? Because none of them are any less valid than the one already posted?
09:12:17 PM Oct 3rd 2013
So...many...Weasel Words...

Efforts to improve on that would be much appreciated. Or at least, avoid them in the future.
04:55:57 AM Sep 1st 2013
Who's removed all the That One Boss entries? It's a subjective page people, and many people have been having trouble with these bosses.

For example:


I'll add them back, because it's YMMV for a reason.
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