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03:45:01 PM Apr 5th 2013
edited by XFllo
Complete Monster entries for this series were deleted. It was decided that they do not qualify.

An argument could be made for first two examples, but they must fit all criteria of Complete Monster. This context is insufficient.

Please do not bring up Agnes and the WMG entry (last two examples). Implied Trope or WMG can never count, and they are not heinous enough by the standards this wiki holds for this trope.

Link to Complete Monster Clean-up Effort Discussion.

  • The first villain on the show to enter this trope may be Russell Thorpe. A ruthless blackmailer and corporate shark, he at first appears to be more of a Knight Templar trying to avenge his dead wife, accidentally killed by Chuck's father. Then it turns out that he was the one who caused her death, not Bart Bass. And then he kidnaps Blair.
  • Bart Bass finally crossed the line in "The Revengers" when he tried to have Chuck killed and when that didn't work, tried to kill him himself.
  • It's hard to argue, if you believe the canon that Dan is Gossip Girl, that Dan isn't a psychopathic stalker with at the very least, a major split personality disorder.
  • Agnes Andrews, full stop. If burning Jenny's dresses out of pure spite wasn't bad enough, then she drugs Jenny and leaves her in a club, hoping that Jenny will be raped.
11:17:07 AM Jul 17th 2012
No Such Thing as Bad Publicity: The publicity department did something awesome in linking the review ("Every parent's nightmare") to the flashback in Woman on the Verge. At the moment shown in the poster, the man is about to do one line of cocaine too many and die, fulfilling the nightmare his parents have lived with for a decade.
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