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10:35:00 AM Feb 10th 2014
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  • They Just Didn't Care: The 1960s-era Expanded Universe media fell into this, due to being squarely aimed at children and churned out by people who basically did not care about the series. For instance, the Doctor's name is usually given as Dr. Who, the stories are usually poorly-written, out-of-character and Lighter and Softer to an extent that they cease to have anything to do with the show, and Captain Ersatz is used a lot. On the bright side, this is occasionally magnificent in its oddness (the first Dalek annual gives Susan a Dalek love interest, for starters) and there's enough nostalgia for it that the 2006 new-series annual contained a pastiche of the dreadful short stories, and there was an Eighth Doctor Deconstructive Parody comic dealing with the boring comics grandchildren and the hilarious knockoff Daleks used in the stories.

I'll need to double-check, but I can't recall anywhere in the Doctor Who Annual 2006 that pastiched a 1960s style or aesthetic. On top of which, what does "Captain Ersatz is used a lot" mean? Does it mean mechanical monsters following in the footsteps of the Daleks? Because that's not unique to the annuals and comics. I'm pretty sure the show itself did it after "The Evil of the Daleks" and before "Day of the Daleks", when Terry Nation was using the concept elsewhere to try and pick up I think an American TV series. It doesn't really say ANYTHING regarding whether or not the creators cared about it, just that (if this refers to the Daleks) the Daleks were in a separate comic publication simultaneously.
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