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05:23:26 AM Jan 16th 2014
I should have stared this discussion a long time ago...

Anyway, I don't think Lucifer fits the Designated Villain catagory, when really a designated villain is a villain who is presented as bad, but really, he or she isn't shown to have little to no villainous qualities.

Lucifer doesn't fit the Designated Villain trope for many reasons because First, while he's a cat and cats are supposed to chase mice, he is still the Right-Hand Cat to the antagonist Lady Tremaine in the film. Second, the definition of an antagonist is "One who opposes and contends against another; an adversary", and Lucifer fits this very well, because he antagonizes the mice when they try to help Cinderella, such as trying to stop them from making a dress for Cinderella and stopping the mice from giving the key to Cinderella to open the door. Not to mention, he is an antagonist in the sequel "A Twist in Time," as he enjoys watching Cinderella suffer and Lady Tremaine ordered him to get rid of Cinderella, which he had no scruples with doing.

He is NOT a designated villain because he doesn't have any good qualities at all, and villains usually have little to no redeeming qualities.
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