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08:12:28 AM Dec 28th 2016
edited by Wyldchyld
RWBY entries that have been removed in the past for being trope misuse but were readded without an edit reason:

  • Heroes and Monsters: Torchwick is killed by the Grimm, Adam subjects Blake to a Curb-Stomp Battle and cuts off Yang's arm when she tries to intervene and Cinder kills the Fall Maiden and claims the other half of her powers.
  • End of the Beginning: Ozpin is missing and presumed dead, Pyrrha is definitely dead, incinerated by Cinder right in front of Ruby, and Ruby is revealed to have inherited an extremely rare power, capable of slaying Grimm with a look alone, which she demonstrates by defeating a giant Grimm Dragon and driving off Cinder. However, despite this, Beacon has fallen, the trust between the Kingdoms has become shaky, and Team RWBY has been seaprated with Yang emotionally broken, Weiss dragged back to Atlas by her father, Blake disappeared to parts unknown, and Ruby and the remnants of Team JNPR have set out for Haven to pursue the villains, with Qrow watching over them from afar. Finally, the female narrator of the series is revealed to be the Big Bad and Cinder's boss.

A Wham Episode is just a reveal, it's about something that changes the course of the story and shouldn't be anticipated by fans or just be the culmination of where the plot has always been going. The Wham Episode examples that do all this are already listed on the page.

'Heroes and Monsters' keeps getting added for two reasons:
  • Roman dies. He is a character we know wasn't part of the original plot because he was supposed to be a one-episode wonder who got popular with the fans so the creators decided to keep him around for a bit longer). His death therefore has no impact on the plot at all but, as a fan favourite, has a big impact on fans - which is why fans keep trying to add him. There are other tropes for dealing with deaths of fan favourites.
  • Adam cutting off Yang's arm is certainly dramatic, but it doesn't change the plot. The lyrics of the songs attached to the show act as part of the story line, giving insights into character motives and personalities, and foreshadowing future plot events (people have therefore been expecting Yang to be killed or maimed since the beginning). Also, Adam is one of the leaders of a terrorist organisation, so he's expected to be an evil s.o.b and this episode shows that he certainly is.

'End of the Beginning' keeps getting added because it's a very dramatic episode. However, everything from the pilot episode has been building towards this moment. The villain even continues the conversation that is the opening narration of the show's pilot episode. This episode is nothing more than the climax of the villain's plans that we've been watching The Heavy work towards since the beginning. Pyrrha's death has been expected because her character is based on Achilles, so fans have expected her to share his fate since the beginning. This episode is not a Wham Episode, but a series of I Knew It! moments. Audience reactions to drama are best covered on YMMV pages.
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