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11:21:06 AM Jul 4th 2015
05:46:18 PM Jun 10th 2010
Hey Cliff Of The Max. Mind telling me how this isn't Fridge Logic? The shots of J'onn's wife are brief and the music clearly indicates this is supposed to be some kind of serious romantic moment, yet, its his wife and he wants Rose to have his memories of kissing her. If its not Fridge Logic, what is it? It deserves a mention somewhere in the article.
06:12:32 PM Jun 10th 2010
edited by Clifftothemax
Well, no, it's not Fridge Logic. Have you even read that page? It doesn't contradict any established events, it doesn't seem impossible, and it isn't anything like a Plot Hole.

What he wanted, was for both of them to "truly know each other". Which meant, apparently, knowing everything about each other's lives. In which case it would be greater Fridge Logic (as well as downright insulting to all the memories he has had to carry) if he never showed Rose that he had a former life. It would also be downright hypocritical and against his entire character if he read her entire life story, but left out parts of his. There's not really any need or place to mention it on the page, seems to me all the tropes that truly apply to the J'onn/Rose relationship have already been used.

So, no. It ain't Fridge Logic.

Oh, and you kinda stated my user name wrongly as well.

07:16:03 PM Jun 10th 2010
After having exchanged all of 5 sentences of dialog between them? No matter how hot he is for her, its completely against his character.
08:01:32 PM Jun 10th 2010
The trope you're looking for seems to be Strangled by the Red String, with a tiny dose of Wall Banger. Go ahead and add it.
09:43:33 AM Jun 11th 2010
Thank you. I'd forgotten about that one.
10:48:33 AM Jun 11th 2010
There ya go. Problem solved.
12:06:03 AM Jun 13th 2010
Thanks Clifftothemax. (This post solely to get your name right for once.
04:11:24 AM Jan 29th 2011
edited by Scalondragon
I think the "Five Folk Band" tropes apply here:

Five Man Band (aka Justice League):

The Hero: Superman (although Good Lex Luthor applies here as well once he gets the League to help)

The Lancer: Batman, natch. The late Jester was this to Good Lex.

The Smart Guy: Batman again. Also Deadpan Snarker.

The Big Guy: Green Lantern, Wonder Woman

The Chick: Wiseguy Flash Wally West.

The Sixth Column: Lightning Bruiser Martian Manhunter, in this movie pictured with a lot of Superman's powers. Makes sense when you realize the main five are fighting the syndicate, and someone needs to protect Rose (one almost wonders if he were Heero Yuy to her Relena Peacecraft-Darlian). Fridge brilliance perhaps?

The Five Big Bad Band aka "Crime Syndicate" (so named since they have their own bands to peform lead with):

The Big Bad: "King of Kings" Ultraman.

The Dragon-In-Chief: Owlman. He made the QED to counter the threat of a nuclear strike, but with it capable of a Reality/Universe-shattering Kaboom soon made him look like a a true Bigger Bad in comparison to Ultraman, whose killings were smaller-scale.

Evil Genius: Owlman again. Would any of the others have the nerve AND the brains for making a relity-destroying weapon? Not so sure.

The Brutes: Power Ring, Superwoman

The Dark Chick: Johnny Quick (he takes the step to make the world-saving sacrifice, and probably the most "moral" of the Syndicate).

Sir-Not-Appearing-For-Long-In-This-Film: J'edd J'arkus (he and Angelique/Evil Hawkgirl get taken out by the Jester in DMOA)

Also, when Batman goes against Owlman, he probably guessed that anything that could apply to his team might apply to the Syndicate, so sending a super against Owlman might mean Owlman had a plan for that super. Only by sending the one who'd best be on a mental dark footing with Owlman could the League hope to win.

Both Bats and Owls get TRULY promoted here to "Hero" and "Big Bad" respectively, and the battle is joined.

Even with Owlman greatly outpowering him, Batman still could take Owlman down. As Amanda Waller said in the "Justice League" episode "Epilogue," sometimes all he had was his own skills, wits, tools and muscle, and he STILL was able to beat those who easily outmatched him physically.

It almost got so where Owlman tried to hint they were Not So Different, only to have Batman point out to him, "You Blinked."

04:13:00 AM Jan 29th 2011
Though in this case, Flash and Johnny Quick had their "designated fight" as "chicks" and Wonder Woman and Superwoman has theirs as "Hot Amazons/Big Gal vs. Brutess".
07:34:21 PM Jun 6th 2010
edited by gibberingtroper
I know Mary Sue gets cried a lot here but I really think the President's Daughter qualifies. She's a bland Closer to Earth character we don't care about who, alongside her father, gets too much screen time, but I didn't start thinking "Mary Sue" till it turned out that her mind was "in tune" with the Manhunter's, something he said "was rare" even among his own people (making her a Relationship Sue if this fits.)

Edit: Oh and making her the President's Daughter basically makes her a princess.
01:04:22 PM Feb 3rd 2011
Really? She's not wearing pink, and she's not rich—and she's not like Vespa or Peach. If she had more backbone, she's more the Relena or Xena kind of "princess" in that she's not afraid to stand for what's right or what she believes. Though if she's Relena, like I mentioned before, that almost makes Manhunter her "Heero" as he goes, "I will understand and bond with you."

And after that wild swap of memories that packed more of a "soul kiss" than just lips on lips, it helped give Rose the final impetus to tell her Dad "It's time to finally bring this to the Syndicate. And on their doorstep." Cue the Marines and President Wilson doing a tank-based take on "Independence Day" as Manhunter comes in:)
07:07:16 PM Mar 7th 2013
Which is also retarded. What are a bunch of tanks going to do to the Crime Syndicate? Tank cannons aren't going to hurt Superwoman, Ultraman or Power Ring if they're anywhere near as powerful as their counterparts (and they clearly are), Johnny Quick and Owlman can easily avoid them. They don't make a difference in the fight.
08:41:55 AM Mar 8th 2013
You've completely missed the point of that scene. The point was that the Crime Syndicate mainly ruled through fear and intimidation, however powerful its top members were. The final scene shows that the world is no longer afraid or intimidated.
08:23:31 AM Mar 17th 2010
Eponymous Kid: I just think it's not nearly as DCAU as you seem to think. I mean, come on, a different cast, markedly different characters, a JL that isn't familiar with the concept of evil versions of themselves, different designs, different everything, how is it still a JLU movie like you keep saying, Clifftothemax?
08:53:02 AM Mar 17th 2010
You're missing the point entirely. It isn't a JLU movie in it's current state; however it WAS originally and many elements of that are still left over. Just to be clear, I wasn't the one who wrote those original comments in regards to it's DCAU story elements (kinda hard for me to keep saying it when I've only done so once before). I just restored them because they're still pretty valid. No-one is saying it's a DCAU or JLU movie, but it's roots are very obvious.
09:02:33 AM Mar 17th 2010
Okay, fair enough. I guess I'm going too far in the other direction by acting like they have nothing to do with each other when they patently do. And sorry for misattributing the original comments to you, my bad.
01:19:36 PM Mar 18th 2010
No problem. Just glad that was cleared up.
12:22:30 AM May 30th 2011
The characterizations, particularly of the Flash and Wonder Woman, are pretty uniquely DCAU.
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