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Tear Jerker / Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

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  • Earth-3 Luthor. Talk about someone who's been through a lot.
  • Alas, poor Johnny Quick. Even Batman (who'd set him up for it) seemed devastated. Just pay attention when he tells Johnny to stop running.
    Batman: Johnny I'm back! Stop vibrating! Stop!
    • Rarely do you see Batman legitimately panic the way he does when he shouts for Johnny to stop vibrating. Batman probably guessed that, if Johnny had kept vibrating, he would have turned into dust.
  • The Jester's Heroic Sacrifice and death near the beginning. That and Lex begging him to not go through with it.
    Jester: (resigned) It's time to get serious Lex.
    Lex: No! We can make it together! We can do this!
    Jester: (smiles sadly) Get your shiny bald head out of here, it's hurting my eyes.
    • Made even sadder later when Lex reveals that he's the last survivor of his Justice League... Which means that the Jester was his last friend... It makes his insistence that they can "make it together" even Harsher in Hindsight.
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    • Lex tells Harley the monkey Jester isn't coming back.
  • During Martian Manhunter and Earth-3 Rose Wilson's mind-melding sequence, we get to see the deaths of J'onn's family and Rose's mother at the hands of the White Martians and the Crime Syndicate. Ouch.

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