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08:57:19 AM Sep 24th 2014
Erfworld now has a new site and with it, all links have become invalid. Fix plz.
12:00:24 PM Sep 30th 2014
02:50:53 AM Nov 1st 2014
That's bloody massive. That's dozons of links across pretty much every sub-page. We need to make it a group task.
03:17:54 AM Nov 1st 2014
You can ask here. However, remember that people usually weigh in only if someone has already started the job. So, making a thread is only useful if you start with some of the work as well.
08:12:46 PM Dec 24th 2014
Should be done. Merry Christmas.
03:48:14 PM Aug 31st 2014
Given the dual meaning behind the title of Book 3, would it qualify as a Punny Name or a Stealth Pun?

FWIW, "Hamsterdance vs. the Charlie Foxtrot" seems to imply that not only are Parson & company going to face off against Charles Comm proper, but that things are going to go disastrously wrong for them. (Cf. "clusterfuck", defined as "a disastrously mishandled situation or undertaking")
06:04:54 PM Sep 5th 2014
Depends on who is suffering the cluster fuck? Probably not.

Both would qualify I think.
07:44:06 AM Aug 28th 2013
My Name Is Not Durwood is no longer a trope. Where does this entry belong?
  • Stanley doesn't really commit the names of anyone to memory, with the exceptions of Wanda and his current Chief Warlord. As of Chapter 2, he's apparently trying to be better about that.
03:17:41 PM Jul 28th 2013
Where did this come from?: "Serial Escalation: The Perfect Warlord Spell was created by a thinkamancer linking up two casters, another thinkamancer linking up another two casters, another three thinkamancers linking up, and then the thinkamancer link linking the links, making for nine total casters working on the spell."

It isn't in the comic or text updates. In fact, one of the text updates suggests that Charlie's casting of it only involved one Thinkamancer, Maxwell.
04:30:45 PM Jul 28th 2013
What? Charlie didn't make it or cast it, unless you're thinking of the "get rid of perfect warlord" spell. It was in one of the earlier text updates, I think, or perhaps the book 2 updates, where Janis is thinking about when they made the spell, and mentions four different types of casters plus a link of thinkamancers. It isn't stated outright, but it's not hard to deduce that it was two links, which were then linked. This was foreshadowed when Wanda told Stanley it was a Findamancy/Predictamancy thing, but later told Jillian it was Findamancy/Lookamancy, which was already more casters than can fit in one link.
07:48:39 PM Jul 30th 2013
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Well, he didn't technically make or cast it, but he did invent it. It was used in the prequel to summon Judy Gale. Here: http://www.erfworld.com/wiki/index.php/IPTSF_Text_66

He used 4 casters to create it, his own Findamancer and Lookamancer, and Haffaton's Thinkamancer (probably Maxwell) and Predictamancer (probably Maya). Wanda specifically said that she didn't know exactly how he combined their disciplines, but there is no mention of multiple Thinkamancers.
07:52:22 AM Jul 31st 2013
As you noted: Wanda didn't know how he did it. Janis was a part of the spell that summoned parson (possibly one of the casters, though I can't recall). She knows better than Wanda did back then, who was just operating off rumor and hearsay.
10:28:45 AM Jul 31st 2013
Regardless, you've admitted that the "multiple Thinkamancers" thing is speculation. For all we know, they might have used separate links and simply chained subspells together or something. Should speculation really be stated as fact?
11:15:08 AM Jul 31st 2013
The multiple Thinkamancers thing isn't speculation. Janis mentioned the Thinkamancer link, separate from the other links. She didn't state outright "that link linked these other links," but what other conclusion are we supposed to draw? If you really want to pull it, fine, but I think we might be getting explicit confirmation soon anyway, as Parson is about to meet up with some thinkamancers.
09:20:21 PM Jul 31st 2013
Honestly it sounds pretty speculative to me too.
04:37:59 AM May 17th 2013
Holy sh- I'm loving the new picture. Props.
11:48:27 PM Feb 7th 2013
I'm surprised that the Wiki for Erfworld has ties with TV tropes. I mean, I knew that wikipedia mentioned us as in an article named after the site, but that's to be expected from an encyclopedia. The Erfworld wiki (made after its departure from Giant in the Playground?) uses a few Troper terms. They even have a page called "Elliptic Twees"! And that page had has a link to Erfworld's WMG page! Do tropers trickle down into other wikis through TV tropes and connect the two? Does the fact that the wiki is directly linked on Erfworld which is directly linked on TV tropes make this process easier to occur? Are the writers and artists of Erfworld One of Us? Or is it all/some of the above or none of the above?
12:40:02 AM Feb 8th 2013
There's probably just a bunch of Erfworld fans who are also Tropers; I have no idea if Rob Balder is himself One of Us or not.