Tropers: Tyoria

31-year old female who hails from The Other Rainforest. I've been a troper since 2008, but although I've made a lot of mundane edits, I can't claim to much notoriety. I launched the tropes:

Created a rename for:

Re-worked and renamed:

Provided page images for

and wrote the descriptions for

as well as the character profiles on Chrono Cross and Invader Zim, and a few from the Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog page (still a work in progress).

I favor SPOON and am more of a Splitter.

TV Tropes has ruined my life by getting me addicted to the following works (in addition to the site itself, of course):

I seem to spend a lot of time on the Invader Zim page and subpages, in part because I am a fan but also because they seem to be a real magnet for... I'm not sure how to say it, except to say that people take some very different things out of the show, which is awesome, except then they also tend to take a lot of things out of it which absolutely were not there in the first place, and then call it Word of God. God Never Said a lot of things he is commonly asserted to have, and I tend to keep track of that which he did say (no literally, I have a lot of Jhonen Vasquez interviews saved to my computer for this exact reason). Please don't take it as an insult if I cut your entry, because I do it a lot.