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TV Tropes as a Gateway Drug
So, your friend introduces you to a quirky little website known as TV Tropes, and you decide to check it out. Soon enough you come up to a series that you've never heard of before, possibly even an entire genre you never even considered, and you think "Whoa, that's pretty damn awesome. I so need to check it out..."

This is a Subtrope of TV Tropes Will Enhance Your Life. This can be any case where TV Tropes introduced you to a work that you never would have considered, most likely breaking you into that genre, or at the very least leading you to similarly awesome works.

Please note, this trope can be an introduction into any media which was caused by an interaction with TV Tropes. It's probably best if you give a small description as to how you were introduced.

Please list examples by Tropers in ALPHABETICAL ORDER.


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alternative title(s): TV Tropes The Gateway Drug
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