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07:30:51 PM Feb 4th 2014
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I removed this line:
According to the Word of God, Rin did commit suicide.

I searched the Katawa Shoujo forum where the writers/devs hang out and sometimes answer questions, but I found no proof of this. If it was mentioned elsewhere or my search just missed something, a reference link would be a good idea.
05:58:42 PM Oct 25th 2013
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Shouldn't The Art of Bra Removal in KS main page be cloaked inside spoiler box? Nevermind. I fix this myself.
06:45:36 AM Oct 15th 2013
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I feel like the Emi route should be mentioned as an in-universe Earn Your Happy Ending for both paths to the good ending (Swing and a Miss plus Saving Throw, and Instant Replay) but I can't think of how to say it objectively. Anyone else agree?
12:52:48 PM Oct 26th 2015
Yeah, it seems like one.
11:55:55 PM May 5th 2013
I deleted the hottip in Clark Kenting about Kenji perhaps not needing glasses because he's not blind. Fridge Logic much? How would glasses help with being blind?
06:43:52 PM Jan 19th 2013
Should this be mentioned in the main page?
06:39:11 AM Nov 16th 2012
Could the trope Lovable Sex Maniac apply to Lilly as well? She and Hisao do have sex (though supposedly not as much as Hisao and Emi) a number of times in Lilly's route, and she does admit to having an healthy adolescent drive.
04:15:46 PM Jun 24th 2012
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08:40:34 AM Apr 3rd 2012
I have fallen behind from Misha's Gayngst. Was it in one of the bad endings?
10:26:52 PM Apr 24th 2012
Did you choose the "Comfort Misha" option? If so, then I'm afraid you have landed yourself the bad end. However, if you chose "Refuse", you're fine. Both endings have Misha admit to Hisao her feelings towards Shizune.
01:17:35 PM May 24th 2012
I mean the part when she tells Hisao she was bullied because of that.
12:35:57 PM May 6th 2013
Anyway, I miss an opportunity for her asking for "comfort" like: "what the hell is wrong with you? I am your best friend's boyfriend, just so you know"
12:49:43 AM Jan 30th 2012
Anyone know how to get this game to run? I have downloaded the file through utorrent, but have no idea how to open it. Do I need Ren'Py to run it or what? I am running Windows Vista by the way.
11:49:16 AM Jan 30th 2012
I have used Final Torrent.
11:18:35 PM Feb 1st 2012
I don't think its my torrent device since the information received should be the same no matter what torrent software you use. I think there is something I'm missing to run the program.
09:39:01 AM Feb 2nd 2012
You have to install it with the exe. Did you download the windows version?
02:46:33 PM Feb 3rd 2012
Yes, I made sure to get the windows version.
03:06:21 PM Feb 3rd 2012
Hey, tried downloading it again, and this time it works. To Charsi and encrypted, thanks for trying to help.
05:29:43 AM Jan 12th 2012
Hey, about that quote put on the wallpaper on the front page: I'm not sure who the original poster is, as I grabbed it from /a/ and the guy who posted it there said it came from /v/. I'm the guy who made that image. It's not a message from 4LS (as far as I know).

Can anyone else confirm that it wasn't a message from them? Or did one of them actually post on /v/?
08:33:58 PM Jan 15th 2012
A part of the image was shown on the release post, so it's safe to say that it's from them.
11:37:44 AM Jan 19th 2012
Nope, just the picture, not the text. Confirmed by the devs:

So it's not a message from 4LS
02:09:46 PM Jan 5th 2012
quick questions: i vaguely recall talk that this game has sex scenes, and an option to turn them off, but i haven't been able to find any concrete statement of either facts. i am interested in this game, but currently live with family who wouldn't be too pleased if the game is too explicit.

so... how explicit is this game?
02:15:29 PM Jan 5th 2012
Somewhat. There is porn, and there is an option to skip said porn. Pretty much everything outside of the sex scenes is pretty PG.
07:46:50 AM Jan 10th 2012
In the options menu, there is an box you can check to skip the sex scenes. Said sex scenes still very much happen, though. It skips only a moment before it become explicit, to make sure you definitively get the idea they are having sex. The CG may still be a bit sexy, in said "just a moment before sex", showing a far amount of skin an such (though obviously no actual nudity).

Anyway, such scenes are very rare and you may play hours without seeing even a hint of them.
03:55:32 PM Jan 31st 2012
There's a bit of language too. I know at least Emi has a bit of a mouth on her.
03:40:05 PM Apr 15th 2012
The mature-content filter doesn't actually get rid of all of the nudity (you'll still see breasts and such), so depending on your preferences, that may still be a concern for you.
12:08:45 PM Jan 5th 2012
I'm starting to think that Katawa Shoujo is a deconstruction, but I'm not sure. An Indecisive Deconstruction, perhaps?
12:45:01 PM Jan 5th 2012
Hanako is definitely a deconstruction of The Woobie, at least. What else would it be deconstructing?
06:34:31 PM Jan 5th 2012
Rin's route deconstructs her Cloudcuckoolander tendencies, as well.
07:50:34 AM Jan 9th 2012
edited by encrypted12345
All of the routes seem to deconstruct the common eroge archetype that the heroine represents. Even if it was not done intentionally, except for Hanako, the efforts to make this game and the characters as realistic as possible made Deconstruction inevitable. Deconstruction simply means taking a trope and and making sure it is played straight under Real Life logic after all.

Oh, and if it wasn't clear, I'm going to go ahead and add it to the page.
01:34:59 PM Dec 24th 2011
What is Misha's disability? Or is she only Shizune's caregiver?
02:51:08 PM Dec 24th 2011
Quite frankly, no-one knows.

We'll have to wait until the game is released.
06:48:36 AM Dec 25th 2011
Definite no on your second question: At one point during a scene with her in Act 1, she mentions that she and Shizune became friends because she was given the seat next to Shizune and knew a little bit of sign language. (In other words, she has her own reason for being there).
01:02:23 PM Dec 30th 2011
Maybe a mental one, hehe.
01:39:40 PM Dec 30th 2011
Devs explicitly stated at one point that the School from KS doesn't handle those.
10:36:02 PM Jan 6th 2012
The game itself stated that not everyone in the school has to have a disability, so there's a chance she's actually totes normal.
03:38:02 AM Feb 26th 2012
Misha says somewhere in Shizune's path (Act 2, I think) that she wanted to teach sign language, and that she got a scholarship of sorts for that.
09:38:01 AM May 13th 2012
edited by Charsi
I heard she was bullied in her old school.
01:53:41 AM Nov 26th 2011
Where can I get a large version of page pic? I've been searching it (the splash with "updated" Emi) for a while.
02:59:00 PM Jan 11th 2012
I cobbled that picture together myself at that size, so there is no larger version that I know of.
01:43:56 PM Jan 26th 2014
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Just made an updated large version:
07:32:26 AM Jan 29th 2014
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And just updated THAT version:
12:10:02 AM Sep 20th 2011
Just leaving a note of thanks to my fellow Tropers for this page. Never would have known about this game otherwise.
01:32:10 AM Jun 17th 2011
edited by OneMore
Do the characters have stated Japanese names — I mean, in kanji? Official site doesn't have it; That Other Wiki has, but I don't believe it; and on the character page, there are just suppositions.
12:44:59 PM Aug 28th 2011
If you really want the kanji the japanese translation of act 1 would have it. Most likely that's the source TOW used.
02:10:08 PM Sep 11th 2010
Quick question; on the main page's description it mentions that Hisao's condition is Long QT Syndrome. Could anyone verify this to be correct? Was this information from the Dev Blog?
08:12:30 PM Sep 11th 2010
edited by storyyeller
09:59:40 PM Aug 7th 2010
Am I the only one who likes seeing character tropes on the main page and the character sheets? Redundancy isn't always a bad thing, and there's nothing wrong with having a list of all tropes just because there's a second section where the character tropes are sorted by character for easy finding.
02:27:17 AM Aug 8th 2010
It's not really a matter of personal preference. The article on namespaces clearly defines a Character Sheet as a "optional split option for large, Trope Overdosed pages, large series and works with Loads and Loads of Characters". The fact nobody actually reads it and people just add character sheets left and right and continue to put character-specific tropes in the main pages is another matter entirely. I'm not sure if Katawa Shoujo needed a character sheet, but since someone bothered to make one, might as well use it properly. Also redundancy is a bad thing when you're working with limited resources as any programmer will tell you.
04:36:44 PM Dec 31st 2010
I like seeing it, too.

But large pages seriously hurt the server, which is why you'll see bigger pages broken down into smaller pages.
09:50:30 AM Jul 21st 2010
I'm most likely over thinking this but...


Detour Ahead

Misha: "Hahaha~! Shicchan thinks that if the art teacher sees us, he will say hi, and she doesn't like him!"

Hisao: "Ignore him."

Shizune: "..."

Misha: "She tried, but even though Shicchan is deaf, he'll try to say 'hi~!' anyway!"

Hisao: "Run away?"

Shizune: "..."

Misha: "I never run!"

A tone of finality so strong that I can pick it up even through Misha. I can see there is no use pursuing this further with Shizune.


At that moment, Shizune steps back into the room, looking slightly annoyed and sipping offhandedly from a juicebox.

Shizune: "..."

She throws two boxes of tacks on the floor with a wry smile.

Shizune: "...!"

Misha: "Ah, Shicchan."

Misha opens her mouth to speak, but then quickly closes it as Shizune suddenly crumples her juicebox with a crunch like sound of breaking bones.

Shizune: "...!"

Shizune: "..."

Shizune: "...!"

I can tell that each harsh, quaking hand gesture is most likely an epithet.

Hisao: "What's she shaying?"

Misha: "It was just very hard to get these..."

Shizune: "...!"

Misha: "I guess that is an understatement, Shicchan..."

Shizune calms down a bit, straitening her glasses and lightly brushing her bangs back with one finger.

Shizune: "..."

"It really wasn't a big deal in retrospect? That's forward thinking of you!"


If one assumes that the tacks are from the art/art supply room. Then does that mean Shizune met the art teacher, so... unfortunate implications? Or I'm really over analyzing
05:57:25 AM Aug 2nd 2010
Most likely you're over analyzing. But it made me lol.
08:32:44 PM Feb 21st 2011
In any event, I think the above scene is trying to point out that Shizune probably has trouble trying to do anything without Misha's help, which must be troubling given her personality. If one assumes the art teacher is involved, the only implication is that he's a difficult person to deal with, which is also indicated by a throwaway line that Mudou says earlier.
11:55:01 PM May 5th 2013
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Sorry, wrong place.
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