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09:05:00 AM Jul 12th 2016
edited by Unsung
Rather than just make a snarky edit, I'm going to ask the question: is the Bassilus entry under Meaningful Name meant to imply he sics basilisks on you?

...Because he doesn't. He 'hangs out' with a small army of the skeletons of his victims.
09:14:59 AM Jul 12th 2016
The mage with all the basilisks is Mutamin, who's found at roughly the same time in the game, and whose name is sort of meaningful (petrification being alteration/transmutation magic).
09:14:01 PM Jul 9th 2015
Given that the page is getting pretty long, and given that new material is still being created (a new expansion has just been announced, and there are the comics as well), should we consider a split?

We could use the same set-up as for Dragon Age and Mass Effect - a page in the Franchise space covering tropes for the whole Baldur's Gate universe, then separate pages for tropes only pertaining to a single game. It would take a bit of work to do, but I'd be willing to have a go at it if there aren't any objections.
12:29:34 AM Jul 10th 2015
Aye. I'll add it to Overly Long Pages.
09:00:26 PM Jul 10th 2015
edited by Vios
Okay, I've had a go at it: there's now a Franchise/BaldursGate page with specific pages for the two games, the two expansions, and the books. There are probably a few things I've put on the wrong pages. No (new) images or indexing, though, since the last time I checked those things were temporarily at less than full functionality - they'll need to be dealt with when feasible.

The franchise page still isn't short, however. I don't know what the threshold for alphabetical subpages is.

Oh, and links. They're still needing to be done.
11:26:07 PM Jul 10th 2015
Ho-hum. Where is the third medium page that justifies the Franchise/ namespace?
12:28:34 AM Jul 11th 2015
Didn't know three were required, but there'll be three (game, book, and comic) once there's a page for the comics ready. (Didn't find any tropes specifically relating to them among the ones I sorted, so I'll have to write some up.)
04:35:52 AM Jul 11th 2015
OK, that seems fair.
05:39:49 PM Jul 12th 2015
To update: I've made a start on a page for the comics. Also, there are some images, since the uploader is working for me again.
05:39:26 AM Feb 5th 2013
Perhaps a page should be created for the various mods for this game, especially the character mods?
08:02:24 AM Feb 5th 2013
edited by Kalrot
I agree. I've always disliked when tropes from mods are mixed freely with the rest on the page of the source game. Mods are equally worthy of coverage, but they should be treated as a seperate work and not be mixed with the source material. It's a bit like adding tropes from My Immortal to the main Harry Potter page (not really, but fanfics are and should be treated as separate works, and the same should go for mods).
09:24:05 AM Feb 5th 2013
Truth be told, I don't see any issue with that, really. The modding community is massive for this series, and there will be a lot of tropes that are specific to them.

I would however say that things like Unfinished Business, which concern cut content, could probably remain on the main page (or both, perhaps)
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