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04:32:34 PM Mar 7th 2014
Something that has me wondering about Z3 is the fact a different character designer is doing the originals. I suspect something else big is in the works.
07:00:54 PM Nov 24th 2013
Lethal Joke Character: Saisei-Hen has Basara promoted from Joke Character to this.

WHAT. Who the heck thought BASARA NEKKI was anything other than the most broken supporter in the series in all of his entries? Editing this out. Also adding some Noir 7 references (from the special disk)
04:30:31 PM Mar 7th 2014
Yeah even in D he was not a joke character.
09:40:51 PM Oct 20th 2012
These are bad examples of a trope that is currently being split. The former might possibly fit under That One Boss if it isn't a Final Boss:
  • The Edel Bernal in Setsuko's route, due to the fact you fight only one of him, but with about 600,000 HP and an army of endlessly-respawning mooks. Rand's path pits you against three of him all at once (sans the mooks and with about 300,000 HP each), and you have to kill them all in the same turn, lest the ones still alive revive the ones you killed already, and at full HP to boot. Fighting a single boss just doesn't compare.
  • Saisei-Hen has two final bosses: First, there is Uther and his Seiohki the Insa. He comes with about 160K Hitpoints has all in all two strong Attacks which can cause major hurt and has the Guard Skill that reduces the damage he takes. However, if you fulfilled the right conditions you get to face Dimensional General Gaioh who can be best described as Hakai-Hen's Level 99 Gaioh on Steroids.

04:31:24 PM Mar 7th 2014
Similar to the former game you can get Dimensional General Gaioh to go Lv99 similarly.
05:42:32 PM Aug 5th 2011
Hey, since in Hakai-hen, before the BIRD-HUMAN mission, that they were watching the movie Do You Remember Love? does that go in for continuity nod? or not at all?
09:48:18 PM Jul 21st 2011
This is a subject on the Edit War we had over this article

  • Hakai Ken is also rather cynical, since all of the storylines take place during the first season of a two part series, unlike most games where you can defy the fates and have the cast who died in the last one live, there is no way to save them this time around along with how it ends on the first season of both Gundam00 and Code Geass, which ended on less than satisfying notes..

From my opinion it is till pretty dark for a series, not including the doomed by canon part. It ended on a pretty dark note on a 2 part series and could go either way in this one.
09:10:40 AM Jun 12th 2011
Do We Have This One?? If you've been following Nico Nico Douga, the video clip of Ranka's impromptu concert for the rebel Zentraedi reached memetic levels of popularity in the real world. In Hakai-hen, shortly after the same event happens, it is revealed that someone (in-story) shot a video of the concert and uploaded it to the (in-game) net, where it reached memetic levels of popularity. So... is this an Ascended Meme, a case of Sure, Why Not?, or something completely different?
02:10:05 PM May 1st 2011
So it seems that the reason the DX can use its satelite cannon is because Aeolia, I know fucking everything, Schenberg built the Microwave Transmitter thing they use. What kinda trope would that be?
09:20:34 PM Sep 5th 2010
Dumb spoiler question: How did they resolve the plot of Big O?
07:01:00 AM Apr 16th 2011

That's a story summary thing for each scenario. Look up 58.
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