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10:37:19 AM Feb 18th 2011
"If you stomp on the Magic Wand in Tanooki statue form, it will be squished. After Mario or Luigi changes back, they'll be thrown back by the wand popping up, complete with sparkly effects." Not so. I've tried this a zillion times and it's never happened.
08:27:46 AM Sep 25th 2010
"Copy Protection" actually isn't. Me and BMF 54123 (of The Cutting Room Floor fame) dug through it and it's actually just a wonky Game Genie code that screws up the palette cycling routine for the door, which ends up overwriting into the pause flag.

Most of the other entries seem to be completely illegitimate or just urban legends, as none of the RO Ms or versions I've seen have that bug.
05:16:18 PM Jun 12th 2010
I have to dispute the notion that the Boss Dissonance is Kirby-type. The only boss I actually found somewhat difficult was Ludwig, while Wendy and Lemmy can be easily dealt with once you know their pattern (it's just different from the others). The stages can be still pretty brutal as well, especially when you get to World 7.
07:54:49 PM Jun 12th 2010
I have to be really serious and determined about 100% Completion not to just use the magic whistle in World 7. x.X
08:14:03 PM Jun 12th 2010
There's definitely no Kirby-type dissonance. These stages are not easy. Some of the bosses are painfully easy, while a few are fairly tricky. So in my opinion, some of the levels are Mario-type dissonance, and some are no dissonance at all.
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