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03:09:18 PM Feb 4th 2013
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  • Magikarp Power: Victy/Roo is one of the weakest characters in the remake in terms of damage potential, until he reaches 3 stars and the damage on his dash attack increases to a ludicrous degree, easily rivaling a few characters' health/meter eating specials and even some of Max's moves.
    • Actually, he's more an example of a Lethal Joke Character (in both the original games as well as the Remake V5). In BK3/SOR3, he was fairly weak due to lacking star moves, as well as having no decent damage throw moves (SOR3 improved him slightly by making his first two jabs hit twice and his jump higher). In the remake, his jabs are single hits like in the original BK3, but he's been given a proper back throw that does quite high damage, as well as the aforementioned star blitzes. The thing that makes him a powerful character in all his appearances though is his back attack; his tail has crazy reach (making it safer to poke with than his normal attack), and if you use it at just the right range (when it barely hits) you can make an infinite combo out of it on several enemies by quickly spamming back attack (moving forward just slightly after each). In the original games, it also hit enemies just in front of him (although the remake removed the hitbox, meaning it's a pure back-only attack). He has a harder time dealing with groups due to poor attack range, but with a bit of practice he's capable of demolishing many bosses without needing to use his special meter, something other characters have trouble with.

I'm not sure what he is. Somebody more familiar can correct the example. May count as both, I suppose.
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