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09:48:26 PM Jun 5th 2014
Deletions made because the dummied-out text in the diary cannot be a reference to Mavoli-anything. That terminology only came into play after Secret of Mana—which seems to be set apart from the other Mana games location-wise anyhow. The removed diary text is more than likely a remnant of a plot point that had to be cut due to cartridge space constraints. While Dawn of Mana or other games may have made reference to such a plot point (Mavolio possession of Vandole)? This is probably a retcon intended to tie Secret into the rest of the series more effectively. Besides...the "energy from Mavolia" in Dawn of Mana is, in the Japanese game, referred to as THANATOS ENERGY FROM THE UNDERWORLD. tl;dr i hate to be a kill-joy but no.
01:47:50 PM Jul 6th 2013
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It's made pretty unambiguously clear in-game that the girl in your party is NOT actually a princess, but rather a young noblewoman - her father and grandmother (her mother is dead and/or gone) live next door to Phanna in an ordinary house among the general population, pretty far from Pandora castle; it's stated by her father, Elman (in one recruitment route) that her mother is dead and/or gone and she had to grow up without one (and the King clearly has a perfectly-alive Queen, so even if the King remarried... yeah, these are not the parents you're looking for).

The simple fact that the King and Queen of Pandora never address her as their daughter (or criticize her for going on a daring rescue mission with the hero to rescue her boyfriend) should be a dead giveaway of this fact as well. Also, I'm pretty sure that if she WERE a princess, at some point the game would have flatly called her out on it. She's definitely a stuck-up noblewoman (even has a fancy hair ornament), but she's no princess.

I'm always astounded by the fact that nobody seems to catch any of these facts; even the game script on GameFAQs I pulled that information from just now calls her a princess!

EDIT: in fact, later, if you take her into the King's throne room to talk to Jema, you hear the following in-dialogue acknowledgement that the King is NOT her father.
King: What a nightmare! The people in my country are acting like zombies! The troops I sent to fight the witch were captured...

"Princess": What? You and dad MADE Dyluck go to the witch's castle?! How DARE you try to drive Dyluck and me apart!
It would seem that the girl's father (once again this is Elman) is very much alive, and probably a tactician or general in the King's employ (definitely part of the military, or at least high-ranking enough as a noble to order a Major - Dyluck - to go on a suicide mission, at any rate). Anyway, note the "you and dad" line - she's speaking directly to the King, therefore the King can't be her father, which in turn makes her not a princess.
02:56:45 PM Aug 12th 2012
The 9th level spells are not a rumor- basically, after your spells reach eighth level, every additional casting adds 1% to the level progression- this percentage chance is the chance that the 9th level version of the spell will trigger when the spell is cast again. I verified this on the Secret of Mana US cartridge.
04:28:20 AM Sep 7th 2012
So the more they're used from then onwards, the greater the chance that the spell turns into its "uber-form" instead of its graphic at level 8? That would seem to make sense.
03:52:28 PM Jul 15th 2012
My reasoning for deleting a portion of the description on the main page: Troper tip 12. "We are not interested in whether or not something is or was popular. Whether or not it was liked has nothing to do with tropes." That, and it's a pretty heavy YMMV.
12:13:00 AM Jul 16th 2012
edited by Telcontar
Good call on the deletion, but remember to leave an Edit Reason.
12:33:11 PM Jul 16th 2012
Yeah, that's something I need to do more. Thanks for the reminder.
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