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01:55:02 AM Apr 29th 2013
Already got "Hit the Road" on its own page now. Easy enough since it got its own set of tropes and paragraphs I could work with to put in for it.

However, as I am still working on Season Two and don't have Season Three of the Telltale games, is there a way in which they can be effectively split into Save the World, Beyond Time and Space and The Devil's Playhouse?
02:22:25 AM Apr 12th 2014
I'm currently working on an edit where the page is split into folders for each individual season, along with one for tropes that apply to multiple seasons. Is this a good idea? I was also thinking about doing something similar for the Characters page.
07:56:46 PM Sep 18th 2010
Since I split this by media, people are still adding game-specific examples to the main Sam & Max page since the last episode of The Devil's Playhouse came out...and I can't do more then skim the history with the visual equivalent of "La la! I Can't hear you!" because I haven't played it yet, and can't until I get my main computer shipped to me. Can someone help? Thanks.
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