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08:23:44 AM Jun 21st 2011
edited by IrueruPunch
Should we put the Early-Bird Cameo trope for Biolabs monsters? Because we can met some of them as NP Cs before the Einbroch update or referenced in some NP Cs dialogues. For example, Kathryne Keyron was the one who job-changed us to Wizards in the old Wizard Job Change quest. Or Seyren Windsor was one of the NP Cs from God Item Megginjard's Seal quest. Or maybe there's an appropiate trope for that?

And should we categorize Biolabs monsters as separate characters? Because they-or at least some of them-were NP Cs.

Oh and we must put tropes for any important NP Cs and some of infamous monsters too. And Magnificent Bastard for Rekenber Corp. Those guys deserve it.

Btw, the Biolabs monsters are Ensemble Darkhorse amongst the uber-tier monsters. Because they gave tons of EXP pre-Renewal, and hunting them can be considered as pseudo-PvP. They even have tons of fans drooling after them all over the world.

Edit : sorry, I'm just a-bit-Biolabs fangirling. Oh and how 'bout Ragnarok DS? It fleshed bits of Arunafeltz's history, that not every people there believes on the same Freya. The Big Bad's former cult believes on the 'evil' Freya from the Manhwa, IIRC.
04:33:25 PM Apr 17th 2011
Why did the Nightmare Fuel entry suddenly become Accidental Nightmare Fuel? It looks like a system change but.. I'm pretty sure we all know damn well there was nothing accidental about RO's ability to induce nightmares.
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