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Roleplay: Syrunn
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The sanctity of Order.

The defiance of Chaos.

Juxtaposing forces fixed within the endless web of time. Two elements born into conflict, sparking destruction and upheaval as the battle between virtue and malice rages on. Cloaked in myth and legend, Syrunn is a world rich in sorcery and ruled by wild fortune.

A realm of unending possibilities, where brave heroes roam in thirst for adventure and fierce villains strive to tip the scales, Syrunn is not your average play-by-post roleplaying forum. It is its own world, offering the player a vast array of kingdoms and cities to explore, a unique cosmology, a variety of races and an intricate history.

Whether a high fantasy veteran or entirely new to the genre, with friendly members and an engaging staff, Syrunn has something to offer everyone.


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Contains examples of (WIP):

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alternative title(s): Syrunn
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