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05:53:32 PM Jan 23rd 2013
edited by Tropeless
Incomplete Page Split

So, XD was split into its own page, but I don't think that any of the tropes were edited to accommodate this. Should this just be remedied without any further questions?
04:35:51 AM Jan 24th 2013
Go for it; some of the entries can likely be moved completely over. Thanks for catching this!
10:39:55 PM Jan 16th 2012
edited by Stratadrake
The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard

The AI's ability to re-afflict your Pokemon with a status on the same turn you heal it only applies to items. In all Pokemon battles prior to the 4th generation, when you use an item in battle it takes effect immediately, while you're still on the menu screen — the actual round of combat hasn't started yet. In double battles this means that you can't cancel/undo the item and make your first Mon perform another action instead. But it does mean that the AI hasn't picked its moves either, so it can make decisions based on results of any items you use.

So if the AI is attempting to Poison you, and you cure this via Antidote, the AI doesn't know that you used an Antidote so much as it knows your Pokemon isn't Poisoned anymore (thus, it can re-poison them during the same turn you used the item). Conversely, if your Pokemon's status gets cured by a move (Heal Bell) or ability (Shed Skin) mid-turn, the AI has already picked its moves ahead of that and can't exploit it.

Another example in double battles is that if you're down to your last Mon and use a Revive, you're required to send the revived Mon out immediately (also before the AI decides its moves), which means that the AI can attack (and possibly KO) the Mon on the same turn it was revived. In fact, prior to G4 when any Mon goes down the Trainer must send out a replacement before any further actions execute, which means that in double battles you can theoretically score up to four knockouts in a single turn if both of your Mons can sweep the opponent's pair in a single move.

These subtle issues were fixed from the 4th generation onwards: When a Pokemon is KO, the Trainer doesn't send out their next Mon until all attacks have finished executing (which can result in the rare "but there was no target..." message). And when you use an item, the item isn't applied immediately, but is executed as a +6 priority action (i.e. before anything other than using Pursuit against a switching opponent, and at the same time as the opponent's item usage), after the AI has picked its moves.

So the trope still applies, just not quite the same way stated.
02:39:17 PM Feb 13th 2017
A video showing the issue with the Revive mentioned in the third paragraph.

Explanation: a Machamp who has previously used Bulk Up against a Skarmory, both are the last standing Pokemon. The guy playing wants to revive Espeon to finish the Machamp. Whenever the player heals Skarmory, Machamp uses Cross Chop. Whenever the player revives Espeon (and sends it, as he has no choice but send it), Machamp uses Earthquake, which would make absolutely no sense unless the AI knew beforehand Skarmory wouldn't be the only opponent on the field during that turn.
12:41:39 AM Jun 26th 2011

  • Character Select Forcing: Colosseum, pretty much. If you're not using Ampharos, Jumpluff, and/or your 2nd gen starters, things will be a tad difficult.

I just played this. You don't need Jumpluff, since Altaria has Sing (though it has a lesser chance of success than Sleep Powder). I don't understand the remark about 2nd gen starters; you don't get 2nd gen starters until almost the end of the game, at which point you have the legendary beasts as well as Tyranitar, and Metagross, so you don't need them.
11:56:26 AM Jun 26th 2011
Pretty sure you get one of the second form of the Johto starters in Phenac City from Verde, Rosso, or Bluno, and the other two at the end of the game.
06:58:15 PM Jun 27th 2011
Pretty much. You just pick an exit (out of the city) when chasing someone out of the Mayor's house, and you run into one of those three.
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