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11:22:27 AM Jun 3rd 2014
For Nightmare Fuel, Sulphur and his minions count as this to some extent I think.

Most of the game actually seems almost fluffy for a T-rated game when you don't count the Sulphur, Walnut, and Sprout moments, which is at least 70 percent of the game.

The entirety of the ending is like this too when Walnut despite being more Chaotic Neutral is the one who summons the full force of Sulphur, Sprout even mocks him I think, but then he' shown to be somewhat good by trying to kill Sulphur, gets possessed, and then... he performs a Heroic Sacrifice by killing himself... in front of teenage girls! D: The death part is also definitely a Tearjerker, especially Ash's line afterwards...


Ash: "I hope Sprout finally regained his humanity..." (Redemption Equals Death)
11:17:51 AM Jun 3rd 2014
1. It's slightly on the mean side, but one part that was a bit funny at least was when Ash teased Marona and said her cooking was bad in front of Castile. ^^;

This is when they tried to get Castile to adopt a putty named Mocha. Ash says it probably can't stand anymore of Marona's cooking, which really wasn't necessary to state, but Actually Pretty Funny anyway. XD

2. The entirety of Mr. Canary is either laughable or just really annoying I think. :p His English voice doesn't help either. XD