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12:53:25 AM Oct 30th 2014
Is there any particular reason we removed the parody blurb at the top? There's a similar one on the Hotline Miami page, but nobody seems to be bothered by that.
01:00:01 AM Oct 30th 2014
Which parody blurb?
01:22:30 AM Oct 30th 2014
This one.

"Papers, please..."
"Here you go. P-please let me in, I've waited for hours."
"Purpose of visit?"
"To read the article."
"Duration of stay?"
"A few minutes."

Originally ended in a TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life gag, but that got removed due to wiki policy. The whole thing got deleted shortly thereafter, with no explanation. Is it cool to reinstate, or should it stay gone?
11:43:30 PM May 12th 2014
I think we can add another under Interface Spoiler: At one point, a man asks you to give his card to anyone who's coming to Arstotzka to be an engineer. Every single time someone with a Work Pass that says Engineering (and I had to replay those days a couple times-fucking Ministry of Income), their papers are perfect, similar to the brothel girls. Has this happened for anyone else?
04:52:21 PM Sep 16th 2014
Messof Anegovych's page on the Papers Please Wiki says their papers are always valid, but sometimes they give wrong answers to your questions. I'd count it.
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