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06:09:09 PM Jan 28th 2014
Since the game is no longer My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic, but just Fighting is Magic, shouldn't the article name be changed to reflect the current status of the game and avoid misleading people?
12:12:20 AM Jan 29th 2014
The interweb seems to have some disagreement on what the proper name is, though.
10:14:04 PM Apr 7th 2014
Mane6 is calling it Fighting Is Magic. That should be good enough, shouldn't it?
11:23:55 PM Apr 7th 2014
11:03:28 PM Mar 27th 2013
Since none of the blog post links work (they've all been archived up to the C&D and are unlinkable), what should be done about them?
06:16:56 PM Mar 23rd 2013
Should the next iteration of the game be moved to a new page? Same gameplay but different story?

How do I link to spiritual successor?
09:52:26 AM Apr 5th 2013
In my opinion, it should at least be split into a pre-C&D section (when it was still ponies) and a post-C&D section, and possibly a third section including tropes related to both.
11:55:45 AM Mar 2nd 2013
Does anyone know where the Hasbro headquarters is? I want to go there and hit the executives with a sledgehammer.
12:04:10 PM Mar 2nd 2013
Dude, if they don't defend their copyright, they could potentially lose it. While most fanworks are too small to bother with, Fighting is Magic was getting way too much attention for them to risk it. They didn't become a multibillion dollar company by screwing up all the time.

Look into copyright reform.
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