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01:14:25 AM Jun 7th 2014
There seems to be an Edit War brewing involving this example, so I'm bringing it here:

  • Auto Cannibalism: According to the character descriptions, Mr. Luggs was so insatiable that he just ate himself to death. He still wasn't satisfied and spends his afterlife eating ghost food served by waiters, in the dining room.

The phrase "ate himself to death" simply means he died of overeating. It does not mean he literally ate himself. So this is Not an Example.
10:54:35 AM Jun 7th 2014
Agreed. And if the record history of fiction is an indication, Mr. Luggs would have to look mutilated in his ghost form if he really ate parts of his body.
02:19:04 PM Feb 13th 2012
Where does everyone get this idea the Bowser boss is a mecha? I always figured it was some sort of false Bowser BODY, which fits with King Boo wanting to possess other people's bodies, and makes blowing his head off a whole lot more intense.
10:06:19 PM Jul 10th 2011 We're kind of indecisive on where the "MARIO!" shout falls trope-wise. Taunt Button's description says that it's purely atmospheric, which the Mario shout indeed is, but the title of the trope is kinda misleading. I know this should probably be mentioned on the discussion for that page, but it does seem to mostly apply to this situation...
04:15:33 PM Oct 5th 2013
edited by
It's been put under Holler Button.
07:51:30 AM Apr 29th 2010
Did that editor see the same western Mario cartoons/comics that I did? Luigi wasn't cowardly, he was the level-headed brother that kept Mario in check.
07:53:13 PM May 19th 2010
No, but he saw the same cartoons I did, where Luigi WAS cowardly.

I don't know about the comics, though; he may have been level-headed there...
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