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05:25:13 AM Jun 29th 2012
edited by Cifyra
In Arm A: Armed Assault, it clearly shows that the faction that you fight for are not the good guys. First, a camp in Democratic Republic of Sahrani have South Sahrani refugees hiding from the southern king's genocides. They were literally begging you to not report them to the South Sahrani King for fear of their lives. Also, in the last mission, South Sahrani forces fire upon you and the US forces. The alleged mass graves that the South Sahrani have dug up were absent when you first fight through the towns, further supporting the theory that it was South Sahrani's doing. It was the south Sahranis who reported the alleged massacre, making it very possible it was a false flag operation to blame the north for their crimes. Foxtrot-1, your player character, explicitly said he had to hide the truth from his superiors in order to quickly end the war. In the promotional fictional blog written by a soldier from the conflict, his word that those South Sahrani troops who fire upon them were Northern troops could reasonably be biased, and/or a coverup after the US government pressured the South into co-operation. Not to mention the fact that in the ending, the news report shows that the north Sahranis who were "liberated" were devastated. All of these facts combined qualifies it for several tropes such as, Black and Grey Morality, Downer Ending, False Flag Operation, Villain Protagonist, Hero Antagonist, The Bad Guy Wins, and many more.
05:26:48 PM Jun 12th 2012
Anyone else think it would be worth creating a separate page for the mod Day Z? It's one of the biggest mods of the year and the sole reason a great deal of the ARMA II community actually bought the game, and it's different enough from the vanilla game that it wouldn't fit on this trope page.
05:51:02 PM Jun 12th 2012
Yup. There's plenty of pages for game mods for, say, Half-Life 1 and 2, so go ahead.
08:59:22 PM Jun 12th 2012
Alrighty then. I'll get to work on it. I should have a basic page done in a few. It won't be perfect, but it should be sufficient for now.
09:47:02 PM Jun 12th 2012
It has been done! My first attempt at an article too! Please let me know how I did and add to it if you can.
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