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03:09:50 AM Oct 24th 2013
About the True or false section about the Roma... It is said that "Romania is the most highly segregated society in Eastern Europe when it comes to the separation between the Roma and the rest of the population. ". Well, it's a case of auto-segregation, due to the particular and peculiar customs of Roma of trying with all their efforts to keep themselves separated from the Romanian majority in almost every respect. Roma children aren't sent to schools, children are crippled by their own parents and used as charity devices, they refuse to integrate to the society, pay no taxes, have no respect for laws and for the rights any other citizen has, regard stealing as a natural thing to do, everything is fair game as long as their personal possessions aren't in danger and so on. Almost every Romanian knows of some Roma person that represents the opposite of the typical Roma trend, and usually the knowledge comes with deep respect towards the Roma exception, and that seems to be proof of non-existent racism against Roma in general, but the main cause for hating Roma people, for Romanians, remains the voluntary auto-segregation of Roma that, in the light of 21st century trends, are viewed as anachronistic and ill-intended.
03:34:08 PM Jun 9th 2011
Belated kudos to whoever came up with the Mexico comparison. At first I was like "I never really thought of it like that", but then "whoa, it makes perfect sense!".
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