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11:00:01 AM Aug 20th 2013
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Hi Everyone. I created a new page specifically on the Culture of Italy analyzing elements existing in the common imagination of italy and their causes. My goal is to explain modern italian culture to anyone who may be interested in it.

What do you guys think? And more importantly, can someone help me with links? (And with formatting, while we're at it)
11:37:14 AM Aug 20th 2013
YKTTW is probably the place to take that, honestly.
04:32:29 PM Feb 23rd 2012
I corrected the paragraph about dialects because it was inaccurate: italian dialects are not at all common, sadly they are close to extintion...
09:37:38 AM Mar 6th 2012
Your Mileage May Vary on the "sadly" part. In small towns and in the countryside there are still many people who can't seem to speak proper Italian and use their own dialect instead
03:00:44 PM Apr 22nd 2012
then probably you may have noticed that in areas inhabited mainly by elderly people, because as i've said dialects are really spoken only by the elderly. younger generations nowadays may have their local accent and use some dialect words or phrases from time to time. Or not even that. I'm italian and i can speak my dialect,but i'm an exception: my classmates looked at me as if i was an alien when they heard me speaking it.
01:53:59 PM May 2nd 2011
This pertains to Italian culture as it pertains to cuisine.

It may be appropriate to note, though I'm not sure if this article is the best place, that what people in North America think of as "Italian cuisine" is in fact Sicilian: pizza, pasta with meatballs of ground pork or ground beef and tomato sauce with garlic, etc. The rest of Italy eats a lot more seafood and a lot less beef than the Sicilians do, and not every sauce is a tomato base with garlic. (amusingly, captcha for this was "venisons")

Likewise, "Brooklyn Italian" is pretty much the Sicilian dialect.
02:33:14 PM Oct 23rd 2011
Pizza is from Naples; all the rest is pretty accurate. What many American perceive as "Italian" is actually Sicilian.
04:56:50 PM Sep 11th 2012
Actually the Sicilian cuisine is quite rich in seafood: for example several swordfish recipes and the renowned pasta con le sarde, Sicily is an island after all.
08:10:49 AM Jul 20th 2010
The entry:

Does not belong here. If it fits, it can go under Real Life on the Villain with Good Publicity trope page but does not belong on this page. I'm removing it from here.

It also messes up the Index listing on the Villain with Good Publicity trope page if it is here.
03:01:36 AM Aug 22nd 2010
I don't see why it doesn't belong here. It's directly Italy-related after all.
02:28:50 PM Aug 27th 2010
I agree. And it's not like it isn't true either...
12:16:09 PM Nov 13th 2011
This Italian troper is more than happy to agree with DOmen's statement. Not to mention that, as you might probably have heard (as Barack Obama commented on it), Berlusconi has resigned, so we might add And There Was Much Rejoicing in the mix.

Oh, and one thing - the line "more interesting crimes" doesn't make sense if it's not potholed to 'If You Know What I Mean'. What can we do?
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