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12:36:17 PM Apr 9th 2014
I don't suppose someone, or someones, would consider adding a general Irish pronunciation key? Or at least some tips? The pronunciations next to each entry are great, but I'll admit that wading into the list with a general sense of How It Works would be nice.
01:37:13 PM Jan 20th 2014
Regarding the bean sidhe (banshee): "Sidhe" refers to the Fair Folk (from Daoine Sidhe); sidh or side (depending on what part of Ireland you're from) refers to the hollow hills that the Sidhe live in. (Confused yet?) All three are pronounced roughly "shee".
01:44:21 PM Jan 20th 2014
And Samhain can also be pronounced "sovvan" (as in Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar novels).
02:42:04 PM Dec 16th 2012
Kieran is actually the anglification of Ciarán, the male form of Ciara. The Irish language doesn't have a K in it. Should I change this?
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