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07:09:34 AM Jun 15th 2014
Cut this for being a Zero-Context Example. Weblinks Are Not Examples.
  • Large Ham: Let Brünnhilde show you how it's done.
    • In fact, if you're not a gigantic ham, you have no place in Wagnerian opera. Period. (See World of Ham, below.)

07:06:25 AM Jun 15th 2014
Cut this example of Anti-Villain, as the second editor called the validity of the entry in question. If you think an example doesn't get it right, please Repair, Don't Respond.
  • Alberich begins as an infatuated fool cruelly teased for being too ugly for the maidens he pines after. He renounces love for power, but the choice only brings him misery — especially when his prize is taken from him.
    • Although when the Rhinemaidens are teasing him he implies that if he catches them he will rape them. And he says that when he rules the world women "shall forcibly sate the dwarf's lust".
04:00:43 AM Jul 27th 2012
I removed this example, as Sleeping Beauty leads to a work, not a trope. We don't have currently a trope for this kind of thing, but I dump this here — there's possibly a trope in it that has yet to be defined.
  • Sleeping Beauty: After she disobeys his orders, Wotan condemns Brünnhilde to sleep on a rock surrounded by magic fire. She will not awake until she a hero comes who does not know the meaning of fear, i.e., Siegfried.
06:47:55 AM Jun 21st 2012
edited by skarl
The translation

Waffenlos fiel' ich

in Feindes Haus!

Seiner Rache Pfand’

raste ich hier!

Defenseless, I found

my foeman’s house!

Fall’n to his revenge,

remain I here!

isn't correct. is this intentional? there also seems to be a grammar mistake in the second line of the german text. I think that the translation should be:

Waffenlos fiel' ich

ins Feindes Haus!

Seiner Rache Pfand’

raste ich hier!

Defensless, I perished,

In the foe's house.

His revenge forfeit,

I rest here.

I am not sure of the context, so maybe I am completely wrong.

07:18:58 AM Jun 21st 2012
Every libretto I have reads "in Feindes Haus." "His revenge forfeit" is an ungrammatical translation (besides making no sense in context), since "Pfande" is not a past participle. "Perished" is also the wrong sense of "fiel" in context (for which see Sacred Hospitality).
12:43:06 PM Jun 22nd 2012
this is why I said that I don't know the context.

being german, this translation seemed weird to me.

('fiel' litterally translates to 'fell down' or 'died'. two very different words.)
04:07:11 AM Jul 20th 2010
edited by Tannhaeuser
Okay, 1) do the separate dramas need their own pages? and 2) should I erase the duplicated examples off the Richard Wagner page from that page, this page, or neither?

If I do a separate page for each part, I will move the picture to the Siegfried page and find a new one for this.

P.S.: I realize this is a bit Wall of Text-y, but it's hard to fit in even the barest sort of summary of such a huge work otherwise.