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04:00:43 AM Jul 27th 2012
I removed this example, as Sleeping Beauty leads to a work, not a trope. We don't have currently a trope for this kind of thing, but I dump this here — there's possibly a trope in it that has yet to be defined.
  • Sleeping Beauty: After she disobeys his orders, Wotan condemns Brünnhilde to sleep on a rock surrounded by magic fire. She will not awake until she a hero comes who does not know the meaning of fear, i.e., Siegfried.
06:47:55 AM Jun 21st 2012
edited by skarl
The translation

Waffenlos fiel' ich

in Feindes Haus!

Seiner Rache Pfand’

raste ich hier!

Defenseless, I found

my foeman’s house!

Fall’n to his revenge,

remain I here!

isn't correct. is this intentional? there also seems to be a grammar mistake in the second line of the german text. I think that the translation should be:

Waffenlos fiel' ich

ins Feindes Haus!

Seiner Rache Pfand’

raste ich hier!

Defensless, I perished,

In the foe's house.

His revenge forfeit,

I rest here.

I am not sure of the context, so maybe I am completely wrong.

07:18:58 AM Jun 21st 2012
Every libretto I have reads "in Feindes Haus." "His revenge forfeit" is an ungrammatical translation (besides making no sense in context), since "Pfande" is not a past participle. "Perished" is also the wrong sense of "fiel" in context (for which see Sacred Hospitality).
12:43:06 PM Jun 22nd 2012
this is why I said that I don't know the context.

being german, this translation seemed weird to me.

('fiel' litterally translates to 'fell down' or 'died'. two very different words.)
04:07:11 AM Jul 20th 2010
edited by Tannhaeuser
Okay, 1) do the separate dramas need their own pages? and 2) should I erase the duplicated examples off the Richard Wagner page from that page, this page, or neither?

If I do a separate page for each part, I will move the picture to the Siegfried page and find a new one for this.

P.S.: I realize this is a bit Wall of Text-y, but it's hard to fit in even the barest sort of summary of such a huge work otherwise.
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