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02:14:53 AM Nov 27th 2017
this page needs work
12:42:58 PM Oct 28th 2016
Should we just give all Central Fiction tearjerkers a new folder or page?
05:53:13 AM Mar 16th 2012
It occurs to me that the stuff about Makoto's bad ending is more suited for High Octane Nightmare Fuel than Tear Jerker. Shall it be moved?
10:45:43 AM Mar 16th 2012
Um, as much as I'm the one who said that... why do you think it fits HONM more and NOT a Tear Jerker?
04:26:41 PM Mar 16th 2012
Who says it can't be both?
08:40:24 AM Mar 17th 2012
edited by EvaUnit01
Granted, I only have the original Continuum Shift and don't have access to DLC, so I haven't really gotten all that attached to Makoto, but reading through the description of the event just strikes me a lot more as scary rather than sad.

On the other hand, I DO concede that such things ARE indeed highly subjective, and it can indeed be both, but to me it just feels much more of HONF than of Tear Jerker. Sort of like Less "Kamina dies" and more "Anti-Spiral tentacle-rapes Nia", for instance. While the latter event can indeed fall under a Tear Jerker as well, from what I hear it's closer to High Octane Nightmare Fuel.

So again, while I'm not saying that Makoto's grisly fate isn't a Tear Jerker (doing so and meaning it would make me Too Dumb to Live, given her apparent fanbase), but it strikes me as MORE of High Octane Nightmare Fuel. Possibly moving it to there, and then adding "doubles as a Tear Jerker" or somesuch. Or we could do nothing about it, that's totally cool too. Just thought I'd voice my opinion and ask for someone else's before doing something arbitrarily.
08:48:30 AM Mar 17th 2012
There seems to be a lot of people who hypes Makoto so much that they got the mindset of "Did someone just do something horrible to Makoto!? Poor Makoto, I cry for her misery! The bastard is a Complete Monster and you have no soul if you don't hate him!" It's those kind of fans you need to watch out and probably even add it back.

But you got it right about how much it's more HONF, probably those who put it on Tear Jerker would be those rabid Makoto fans who seemed to be compelled to put her in everything good... sometimes at the expense of other characters.
09:22:22 AM Mar 17th 2012
Yeah, while I do love the hell out of BlazBlue, I've noticed that fans often tend to exaggerate things - mostly with in favor of Makoto and against Jin, from what I've seen. Even in Calamity Trigger, Jin struck me as much more of an aloof Noble Demon than an outright Jerkass. Heck, when you play as him in arcade mode, his after-battle victory quotes sometimes give off distant mentorly vibes, like with Litchi: "I see you took a weapon with decent range. While commendable, you should work on your defense." Moving back onto the topic, though, should Makoto's shtick be moved to a HONF page/entry on YMMV, or just left alone?
07:37:32 AM Mar 18th 2012
I say leave it. We already have an entry for it in HONF and a note on CS YMMV anyway.

And I do know where you can find a video of said bad ending - due to the rampant sweeps that YouTube has undergone, I think it's best if I PM you the link instead. I understand how you're trying to be neutral due to your lack of intel, and I feel it's best if I help fill you in so you understand where some of us are coming from.

And Chris, I'm sorry I didn't get back to P Ming you, but I managed to assess your words in your last message, and while Relius is still a nasty bastard, if you look at things from a different perspective your points are not entirely without merit. Thanks to Dustloop I managed to get a synopsis of Darkness Visible, and one of the oddest things is that in Carl's story Relius is about to take him down, but in Relius' he shows his son a worldview consisting of utter blackness with only blue lights all around. Something tells me that there's more to him than just a Mad Scientist Complete Monster if he's willing to share his viewpoint with his son - while he doesn't hesitate in crossing the Moral Event Horizon in the name of science, unlike Terumi he doesn't always revel in it, either, and one has to wonder with what we now know where the pragmatism ends and the Complete Monster begins.

One just has to maintain a neutral viewpoint as best as one can, but for the rabid fans and haters it's very hard if not outright impossible. And the deluge of Makoto info is partly due to having consistent access to Slight Hope - expect the other new stories to fall in once they are thoroughly anchored to the net.
11:23:55 AM Mar 18th 2012
Fair enough. Sure, if you've got it, I'll watch it.
04:50:09 PM Mar 18th 2012
I think I already sent it to you after posting - haven't replied in response, as I was away on other things. If you didn't get it, drop me a PM and I'll reply to it.
05:05:58 PM Mar 18th 2012
This makes me want to go buy BB CS Extend to experience Relius' story myself. I've read your explanation on Relius' alternative interpretation somewhere in this site and it was... quite interesting.

As of EVA, in regards of Jin, after Extend, treatment to him has been better, but I think I'll detail more through PM.

But yeah, I suppose the entry CAN stay. Just as long as the Makoto overhyping is cut down or trimmed.
05:26:47 AM Mar 19th 2012
In which case I've had a major n00b moment since I can't find how to access my inbox.
05:30:45 AM Mar 19th 2012
Nevermind, I just found it. Feel like such a d-bag right now.....
05:47:55 AM Mar 19th 2012
It's okay. Let your grievances out. We'll hear you.
07:20:21 AM Mar 19th 2012
  • eyes widen* R-r-really? *sniffle* You guys are so great.....
08:00:37 PM Mar 19th 2012
It's what friends do, right?
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