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05:58:36 PM Jul 29th 2011
Did the Edges from Hunter: The Reckoning really seem overpowered? They seemed much weaker than all the other abilities that the monsters could call up to me. This feels more like the writer trying to play up the new version by way of exaggeration, but I want to know if I'm the only one who thinks so.
01:38:51 PM Jun 23rd 2010
Sorry, I do not mean to bring my concerns to the talk page, but being a new editor I do not wish to interfere with other editors or start an edit war. The following post (is it called a post?) was placed on the Hunters The Vigil page:

  • On the other side of that token, lots of scientists are willing to come as close as possible to that, by simply making the problems with their theory land in somebody else's specialization—saying A Wizard Did It without actually even thinking it. It's probably best practice to admit the possibility of an intelligent agent—and since when has that ever been reason not to pursue further explanations? Find him and break out the rubber hoses!

Now, I was thinking of delivering a bullet pointed statement on why this is wrong (or at least why I assume it is wrong, I may be inferring content that is not there), but I did not wish to derail the page. While it seems to have been placed as a response to another post insulting intelligent design, I do not think it should be on the page, because a) it is wrong/misleading and b) it may provoke an edit war. Since I do not want to delete it (for fear of starting a dispute) I do wish bring this to the attention of the regular editors, who may then decide what to do with it. My apologies if I have done something wrong.

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