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11:59:55 AM Jun 30th 2014
I feel like it bears mentioning that it makes no sense that Jack's blood has any special properties. His immortality is due to being a fixed point in spacetime - he has to exist. Setting aside that the way his immortality works is questionable anyway, one thing that it definitely isn't is biological. Honestly, it could be argued that the style of immortality that the Miracle inflicts on humanity is actually more what he should logically have (simply not being able to cease to be, rather than healing biologically). But even so, the premise of the Miracle relies on his blood, which should not be special.

The question is, what trope could this even be? Is it Artistic License - Biology? Artistic License - Physics? Some kind of inconsistency trope?
12:03:24 PM Jun 30th 2014
I don't think it's any of these - maybe this thread can help?
01:44:29 PM Sep 10th 2013
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  • Writers Cannot Do Math: When the characters are doing the math to figure out how the Earth will deal with the extra population they say that 300,000 people die every day. (It's actually about 150,000, but ignore that for the moment.) They treat this as if there are 300,000 new people added to the population each day, when instead with no one dying the population should remain the same. (Plus the birthrate of course.) This means that there will be a population increase, but not nearly as severe as they describe. Explained by SF Debris at 9:05

Am I being an idiot here in not seeing this as an example? If there are no longer 300,000, or 150,000 people dying each day, then obviously the population will have a sizable net increase than pre-Miracle Day. The massive amount of births, plus no infant mortality or starvation will have a staggering net growth, if not immediately, then definitely over months or years, not to mention the spread of disease and so forth.
08:33:24 PM Sep 10th 2013
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I double checked and it appears right.

In the show they say 300,000 people die every day, and that 500,000 are born every day. (They're wrong but it let's ignore that, it's Writers Cannot Do Math , no Writers Cannot Look Up Statistics.)

total+500,000-300,000 = total +200,000. The Earth's population is increased by 200,000 every day. Infant mortality doesn't matter, since if you take the 300,000 deaths from the total or take it from the 500,000 newborns or some other combination, it's always the total + 200,000.

If the people stop dying it doesn't mean 300,000 extra people are added each day, it means you stop subtracting.

total+500,000 = total +500,000. Now Earth's population is increased by 500,000 every day.

But in the show they say "300,000 people die each day. If they stop dying that's an extra million people in just over three days." (300,000 times three is 900,000, so that's pretty close to a million). "Add to that 500,00 people born every day . . ."

Do you see the problem? They didn't just stop subtracting 300,000 from the total, they also added 300,000 to the total. They treated it as if 300,000 more people plus the usual 500,000 appeared on earth. It's only the newborns that cause it to increase.

Half a million every day is still a huge amount and would cause problems, but what matters is their math is wrong.
09:51:03 AM Sep 14th 2011
Regarding Category 0 being blatantly unconstitutional (at least, in the United States): while it may be, the argument presented as to why it is is flawed.

First, the acts Oswald Danes committed were already illegal, and punishable by lengthy prison terms at best (Danes himself was sentenced to death - being unrepentant about his acts probably didn't get him much sympathy.). Therefore, the argument that he can't be executed because his acts weren't illegal prior to the Category Zero legislation is wrong.

Secondly, who says that a Category Zero has to be conscious when he's cremated? I wouldn't be surprised if a sufficiently potent mixture of narcotics and anaesthetics were capable of rendering someone unconscious and insensate for the duration of "execution by cremation" - if my research is accurate, the first chemicals injected into a criminal's body during execution by lethal injection are a narcotic/anaesthetic cocktail designed for just that purpose (the chemicals that do the actual killing during the lethal injection process are fast acting, but also cause excruciating pain when used alone, hence why those sentenced to death by lethal injection get the narcotic/anaesthetic shot first).
08:52:12 PM Sep 5th 2011
Has anyone noticed they filmed the actual Ontario International Airport to represent LA Int'l, Buenos Aires Int'l, and Shanghai Int'l airports?
08:47:35 PM Aug 9th 2011
Re: the Idiot Ball entry on the YMMV page, if I remember correctly Maloney just grabbed the gun off of his assistant and shot her quite quickly, so she wasn't lecturing him while he stood there with a gun in his hand. But I don't want to delete it yet because I'm not entirely sure, so I was wondering if anyone could confirm (or deny) that for me? Thanks.
02:47:53 PM Aug 11th 2011
He didn't have the gun when she was lecturing him, but she didn't stop lecturing him after he shot her the first time.
08:19:33 AM Jul 26th 2011
I realise that the Complete Monster trope is generally regarded to be YMMV but surely Oswald Danes is one of the rare cases where one can make an exception? After all, aren't paedophiles Complete Monsters by default? Also not only did he rape Suzie Kabina (sp?), he murdered her and then said "She should have run faster". It's made quite clear that his breakdown in episode two is all a farce and one that Jilly Kitzinger sees through quite clearly. Just thought the matter worth bringing up.
08:30:58 AM Jul 29th 2011
Unfortunately, given that the series isn't complete, and they already have an Alternate Character Interpretation of him, giving an alternate view of a Death Seeker.
04:56:33 AM Sep 16th 2011
Given his attitude in the last few moments of his life, I think Oswald is undeniably a Complete Monster - he wants to die so that he can continue his fun in Hell, because that's "where bad girls go". I mean, his last words are "run faster, Suzie!"

No repentance, whatsoever!
09:33:28 AM Sep 16th 2011
Jack even feels mistaken about Oswald's death seeker status in that episode.
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