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08:14:34 AM May 22nd 2014
I'm 15 episodes into this series, and it would seem that, other than them showing up in the opening and ending of every episode, the Kiber Machines... haven't shown up yet. When DO they show up in the actual series?
12:46:27 PM Aug 17th 2011
Can anyone help distinguish what Daigo's Elemental Power is? I mean, Ryou's is fire, Shouji's is gravity, Kazu's is time, Rin's is wind and Kou's is sound, but what about Daigo? Which element best fits his power of illusions?
04:30:30 PM Aug 17th 2011
... Not necessarily. It doesn't have to follow Elemental Power. Illusion is illusion, it's a standalone.
06:44:36 PM Aug 17th 2011
So, Daigo is basically a Non-Elemental Dairanger?
10:57:09 PM Aug 17th 2011
Why not? Elemental wasn't a big issue in Dairanger, unlike something like Magiranger or Shinkenger.
02:50:14 AM Jul 4th 2010
Again with the Five-Man Band setting... I think it would be kind of fitting that Shouji also shares The Lancer position for these reasoning:

  • The one who'd more likely to butt-head with our hero Ryou would be Shouji. Daigo seems to be more... subservient.
  • Ryou referred the others other than him as 'Shouji & the others'.

It's true that Daigo might be the most skilled user after Ryou, but in terms of relationship, Shouji seems more Lancer-ish. Can someone who watched Dairanger completely confirm whether this is wrong or false?
12:53:37 PM Jul 7th 2010
You are quite right. Shouji's temperament is indeed consistent with The Lancer. In the finale, for instance, just after Master Kaku turned traitor, Shouji got into Ryou's face at least twice (45 and 46). Episode 32 was where they teamed up to face the Birdcage Vagabond Gorma. And in Episode 39, when Ryou took Jin in, Shouji is the first we see to raise an objection. So yes, while Daigo is Number Two, Shouji is the one with the most issues with Ryou.

Daigo did have the subplot with Kujaku and Gara. He did have his loyalties questioned because of it in Episode 23 (because he defended Kujaku even after she attacked them). Later, in episode 49, Daigo had Gara at his mercy but Kujaku's spirit talked him out of doing her in.

08:05:58 PM Apr 28th 2011
edited by ChrisX
I also question Kazu's placement as Big Guy. So... since when is 'thinking with fist and rushing into battle' fits as a Big Guy? Besides, or maybe I haven't watched far enough, I can't seem to recall when Kazu performs a Leeroy Jenkins move to prove that he thinks with his fist... He's also less Big Guy more Smart Guy since Time manipulation doesn't really require or involve big force, but more skill and timing, like Daigo's Illusion manipulation...

So what'll be his placement if that was proven wrong?