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09:32:00 AM May 22nd 2013
I decided to move this trope.

I don't think Miss Matty is a Broken Bird. She has it rough and definitely goes through Break the Cutie, but she's not cynical, stoic, badass, nor is she emotionally detached.
12:00:23 PM May 22nd 2013
Mmmm, no, you're right - I made a note to re-evaluate that example a few days ago and, typical me, promptly forgot all about it. She's been through hell, but she doesn't react in a way that fits the trope. Thanks for poking the lazy Rosie with a stick. :D
05:49:34 PM May 22nd 2013
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That the best thing with wikis — if you make a mistake, people can correct it. She sounds like she could be this trope, at least by the name. I also thought so, but when I wanted to cross-wick it, I started reading the description and I realized that she doesn't fit. Amazing how she managed to remain positive. :-)
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