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10:50:29 AM Jun 27th 2014
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Double-posted somehow, please disregard.
10:49:25 AM Jun 27th 2014
I'm only 7 episodes into the show, including the miniseries, so I'm hesitant to go adding this myself, but "Are you alive?" really seems to ring the "Arc Words" bell for me. So far it's popped up twice, and it feels like it'll show up again, but some of you may know for sure. Worth adding (the show to the trope example list, and the trope to the show's list)?
07:24:58 PM Apr 19th 2012

The episode doesn't quite match the trope description. Never Sleep Again is about a threat targeting sleeping people, which wasn't the case in "33".
07:17:44 PM Sep 12th 2010
Does anyone else think this page really needs a split and Battlestar Galactica made into a disambiguation page? I mean, let's be honest- these shows really don't have that much in common besides the name.
08:02:46 PM Sep 12th 2010
probably. go ahead and propose some differentiating names. 'TRS' or 'RDM' like battlestarwiki had it for the revival is probably the best choice.
08:45:04 AM Sep 18th 2010
It would make the most sense to call the re-imagining "Battlestar Galactica" and differentiate the original by calling it "Battlestar Galactica: The Original Series" or "Battlestar Galactica 1978" as most people will probably be looking for the more recent and more popular series.
12:58:46 PM Sep 18th 2010
Not really. You need a way to differentiate the two since 'Battlestar Galactica' refers to the franchise as a whole, like the page does now. that could be confusing for some people.
08:33:33 AM Dec 30th 2010
I made a crowner. If any individual names get enough votes we can move forward with a split.
01:11:14 AM Mar 10th 2010
My wife and I are considering watching BSG, but we're concerned about one of the aspects of the whole Darker and Edgier concept: overuse of Fanservice. Every site I go to seems to have a different idea of how much sexuality is portrayed in the show, and it's hard to tell whether there's quite a lot and some sites downplay it so as not to turn off viewers like me, or whether there's actually relatively little and other sites "upplay" it in order to attract your more standard scifi fans.

Can anyone give me more information?
10:51:23 AM Mar 10th 2010
edited by Hadri
I wouldn't call any of the sex in BSG fanservice. There's some awkward scenes early on, but that's intentional, and also a plot point. Almost all the instances of sex I can think of are just part of the complicated relationships on the show.

What I think you want to know is if it's like Spartacus: Blood and Sand and True Blood, where there are explicit sex scenes several times an episode. BSG doesn't come anywhere close to that. Sex isn't ignored and it's definitely an adult show in that way, but there's surprisingly little skin shown and a lot of it happens off-screen.
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